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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

Everyone reacts to feelings of insecurity in different ways. When overwhelmed, we may want to withdraw or close up completely. With its complex sociocultural nature, this pandemic has been a reality for a while now. Depressive mood as well as states of disinterest or numbness remain the norm for many. That is why I thought of jotting down a few ways to bounce back from the slump to our studies, hobbies, or life in general.


Focus on something outside of yourself

Focusing on something outside of yourself or your usual interests can be a fruitful way to get grounded again. Watch a documentary about the way a different society works or a film about space shuttles. Borrow a book from the library and learn where trees get their nourishment from. In your online classes, try to focus on what your classmates have to say, or on the details of your professor’s monologue today. By doing this, it is possible to stray away from being too critical or self-observant. In the long run, this kind of openness and outwardness can give you a fresh start when you start thinking about your own life again.


Learn from those with experience

When trying to bounce back, try to learn from the experienced. Open a book and read about how people who lived a hundred years ago dealt with feelings of loneliness or loss. If you are in a deep slump, it may feel uncomfortable or even impossible to pay attention to the conversations around you, but it is helpful to do so. Start small and make time for a conversation with a loved one without any rush or goal. If you yourself are not in the mood to talk, listen to a podcast or an audiobook. It can be healing to listen to a professional or an older person talk about an intriguing subject.


Try something new

When trying to get up and going again, it is helpful to do something different and this does not have to be anything major or ground-breaking. You can try watching a new TV show, listening to a new playlist, or trying to cook a different kind of meal. When you have been stuck in your thoughts for a long while, engaging in new parts of culture can be a breath of fresh air. This also teaches you something new. It is helpful to be conscious of the changes you are making, and thus you can acknowledge the shift you have welcomed in your space.


Focus on the moment

As mentioned earlier, mindfulness is key when trying to get out of a slump. You may find that even minor tasks can take up a lot of energy during challenging times. When you worry about accomplishing a deed, you can end up feeling low even longer. There are times when you have to relearn the art of doing without overt judgment. To avoid excessive worrying, try staying active and present by doing small things throughout the day. Acknowledge what you are feeling and find the tools to nurture rather than numb yourself.


Remember that almost everyone is going through the same

Finally, remember that there is no feeling that you are going through alone. Especially during times like this, you may think that you are the only one who has been living in a sort of haze. When people all around the world open up about their challenges, the collective stigma weakens. It is essential to talk about the hardships as well as our happiness with the people around us. All in all, not only during this pandemic but in life in general, it is enough to just exist. Although it is a long and difficult way to realize and truly practice this right, in the end it is worth it.

Laura Korhonen

Helsinki '23

Laura is from Northern Finland and studies English. Like any other Finn, she loves snowy skies, forests, and freshly baked cinnamon buns. She's passionate about movies, books, and working towards a more sustainable and safe world.
Helsinki Contributor