Get Motivated to Run with these 3 Upcoming Races!

If you are struggling to find motivation to put on you running shoes and get out of the door, something that will definitely help is having a clear goal in mind. Here are three upcoming races in Helsinki that you can sign up for and start training already so you can meet those goals!

  1. Color Obstacle Rush

When: May 5

Length: 5 km

Selling point: Fun all around--colors, inflatable obstacles, and a very achievable racing distance even for beginners! 

2. Helsinki Half Marathon

When: June 9

Length: 21.1 km

Selling point: Amazing atmosphere and a gorgeous route by the sea. Due to it being in early June, the weather is also likely to be good! However, if you’re not a very seasoned runner, you need to start training as soon as possible!

3. Midnight Run

When: September 1

Length: 10 km

Selling point: An awesome, refreshing night-time run! The racing distance is also not too bad considering there is still a few months to go: it’s perfect to develop a habit of training over the summer.


Usually, the earlier you can sign up, the cheaper the fees will be, plus you'll be able to hold yourself accountable once you've paid for your sign-up and written the date in your diary. Luckily, summer is a great time to exercise outdoors, so there's really no excuse: good luck!