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5 Brain-Booster Foods

You are what you eat – and as a university student, you want to be Brain rather than Pinky, right? You have a long year of hard studying (with the occasional hard partying) ahead of you and it's important to keep your brain nourished to prepare it for the challenges of the school year. Here are some great ingredients that will keep your brain juices flowing.

1. Broccoli.

Rich with vitamin K, which is important for cognitive functions, broccoli is a healthy and affordable brain booster. Make yourself a stir-fry with loads of broccoli or steam the vegetable. Broccoli also contains a relatively large amount of protein per calory, so it's a friend of your abs as well. Works great in soups too!

2. Peanuts.

Not only are they a yummy snack, they're also rich in folate and vitamin E which makes them a brain super food. Sprinkle some peanuts into your salad or on top of your ice cream to add some crunch!

3. Oily Fish.

Omega-3 fats all the way! Fresh salmon is quite a pricy ingredient for a collegiette on a budget, but it's a good investment to make for the well-being of your brain. Skip a few clubbing nights and treat yourself with a sushi meal! Sardines are also rich in healthy fatty acids, much more affordable – and come in cans too!

4. Curry.

This oriental spice gets its yellow color from a chemical called curcumin that has been shown to stimulate neurogenesis, which means the creation of new brain cells. Great with chicken, vegetables, and potatoes!

5. Blueberries.

The consumption of these delicious berries has been linked with faster learning and sharper memory. Pour some unflavored yogurt over a cup of blueberries – a heavenly snack that your brain will thank you for.

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