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When quarantine began in March of 2020, all of my friends were downloading TikTok. I was told it was similar to Vine, an app that showcased short videos meant to be relatable or funny (RIP Vine). I told myself I would never download TikTok. I told myself I wouldn’t understand it and if I did, it would take over my life. Well, I didn’t last too long, and I eventually downloaded TikTok and have watched it ever since. It is so addicting and if you have it on your phone, you understand what I’m saying! I will open the app planning to watch a couple videos and then an hour flies by!

This app is more than just funny videos or people trying to do a trendy dance. It has proven to be a resource to find good products, local food, fun quarantine activities, and much more! Two things I’ve realized while scrolling through my TikTok feed is that people are incredibly creative and there are fun things to do (even in quarantine)! I’ve listed some trends below that I want to share that I’ve done personally which I found really helpful or fun!


Tree Hut Scrub

The Shea Sugar Scrub made by Tree Hut (sold at Target, Walmart, and Ulta) was one of the first trends I found on TikTok. People were raving about this organic, paraben-free body scrub that smelled great and made people’s skin extremely smooth. The scrub is made from natural products like real sugar, shea butter, and macademix seed oil! For someone with dry skin (like me), I really loved using this product, but it took me three trips to Target before I could actually get my hands on it. Hopefully, the hype has died down enough for you to get one to try!

Lady Gaga Oreos

One of the newer trends on TikTok features the Lady Gaga inspired Oreos. These classic cookies are now turned bright pink and neon green. I love crazy colored food with lots of sugar, so I obviously had to try them! I went to my nearest Target, but they were sold out of the oreos. I then went to several more grocery stores, who were also out! Eventually, I found them available at a Target that was 45 minutes away. Of course I went and there were only five left - I bought three! The oreos don’t taste like the classic ones, but they still taste amazing. Definitely worth the hype!

Pet Home Photoshoots

This is one of my favorite trends because I get to spend time with my 9-month old puppy! Since people have been stuck at home for the past 11 months, they’ve had to get creative. Who better to involve than your pet who is also stuck at home with you? I’ve seen some fun, festive backgrounds and all you need is a camera/phone, a white bed sheet, and some fun props!

Charcuterie Boards

This is one of the most unique trends I’ve seen on TikTok and I didn’t know you could be so creative with a charcuterie board. I’ve seen the classic fruit and meat board, a dog treat board, fast-food boards, a fries board, and many more! With your charcuterie board, you can incorporate whatever food you want while working on your aesthetic and art skills. After you create it, you can share the snacks with your friends too!

Four Course Meals

My boyfriend and I can never decide on what to eat together since everything always sounds so good! This is why this trend is perfect for us. With this challenge, you will play four rounds of rock, paper, scissors with your S/O or friend and whoever wins each round will get to choose where to go to get drinks, appetizers, main course, and dessert! This allows everyone to pick a part of the meal (unless you’re really bad at rock, paper, scissors). I found this trend entertaining and it helps you when you can’t make your mind up about food!

Making Fun of Old Shows

Since all we’ve done is watch old movies and TV shows during quarantine, we’ve really gotten to see how cringey everything was back in the early to mid-2000s, especially now that we’re older. People have made TikTok memes and parody videos based on these old videos, which are extremely comical. I could watch this trend for hours. Not only did this trend show me how cringey these shows actually are, but it has inspired me to watch old series as well during my quarantine time, like Twilight, Camp Rock, Harry Potter, and High School Musical. Lastly, my favorite TikToker is @brodywellmaker with his Twilight parody videos!

Supporting Etsy Artists

A great trend that has come from TikTok is the increased support for Etsy artists. After buying some very creative Etsy Dog Tags (@floraflux), I knew I had to download the app to find out what other products there were. Not only was I surprised by how many artists there were, but I was also amazed and how creative these people were (especially since I am not creative)! If you haven’t gotten on Etsy TikTok yet, I suggest you visit the hashtag and find some Etsy artists to support!

Supporting Local Food

Similar to supporting artists, I found many local food spots that I had never heard of before on TikTok! These local food shops (ex. restaurants, trucks, stands) are not always on the main streets nor do they advertise heavily, however, these places always have the best food! With the pandemic, many restaurants have taken a large hit in sales and buying their food is one of the best ways to support them. I’ve decided to follow many foodies in my area and see what local food joints I can support! Shoutout to some of my favorite Oahu Foodies (@hungrylilbean, @jonjonulep, and @exploringnewbie)!

Aloha! My name is Keilyn and I am a Graduate Student studying Public Health at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. I enjoy going to the beach, reading mystery books, cooking, and playing with my puppy, Kaiba! I love being on the HER Campus Hawaii Team and sharing my stories!
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