Self-Care Sunday

Unfortunately, syllabus week has ended and it’s back to the grind of classes, projects, discussion posts, and millions of homework assignments. If you have been seemingly overwhelmed lately, maybe it is time for some Self-Care Sunday (or every day).

Self-care is not selfish—it is mentally, physically, and emotionally important. You cannot take care of others or other things around you without being internally solid. It is not just facemasks and wine (although those are important), it's a mental check in to make yourself happy and to remove some stress from your plate.


Here is a day of self-care planned for you!

Step 1: Allow yourself to sleep in.

I’m not talking about sleeping until 12:30 pm but set your alarm for later than you usually do. A good 9:15 am will give you plenty of morning time while still fulfilling your resting needs. In the morning, check-in with your mental state & if you’re feeling anxious do a HeadSpace.

Step 2: Eat breakfast.

I know a lot of us college students never really eat a wholesome breakfast, so treat yourself to some veggie egg white breakfast tacos and coffee to fuel your morning.

Step 3: Do some light or deep cleaning.

The environment you’re in reflects the way you are internally. I’m sure when you’re stressed/ busy your house is not the tidiest, which causes more mental and emotional strain. Take some time to throw on your favorite playlist and clean up after yourself. Maybe do some laundry and wash your linens. I swear you will feel so refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Step 4: Do what YOU want to do.

Wanna have a lazy day? Sit on the couch and have a movie marathon or go take a nap on the beach! Wanna be productive? Go to a café and get all your homework and other work done! Or go workout and then do whatcha gotta do. Wanna be social? Hit up some friends and explore the island.

Regardless of what you spend the rest of your day doing, make sure it’s what YOU want. :)

Step 5: The evening.

Personally, I think this is the best part of the day.

In the evening, you should make a nutritious dinner, do a face/ hair mask, take a bath, have a glass of wine and overall relaaaaax. Don’t forget to take time to plan the upcoming week but if that is too much- just plan for the next day. Before bed check in with your body and stretch out all the places that seem tense. Turn on the essential oil diffuser, cozy up in your freshly washed sheets and get ready to sleep as if you’ve never slept before.


In the time of chaos, don’t forget about your needs. Take care of yourself—you’re important (the most important) and never feel bad about doing things that are best for you.