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My Workout Split and Why I Choose It

Working out is one of my favorite things to do. I don’t do it because it’s basically a trend, I do it cuz I have always been an athlete. I function off the post-workout feeling and competitiveness. Fitness has been advertised a lot on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. I feel like there’s a lot of information out there that is hard to process. One of the topics is a workout split. What’s a workout split? A workout split is planning out your week and which muscle group you will exercise each day. Why is a workout split important? Muscles get tired, they need time to recover so they can grow. Designating each day to a muscle group and/or type of workout will help you with recovery.

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I currently program my workout split to my lifestyle. I am currently playing collegiate and semi-professional soccer so my split is much, much different than an instagram influencer. I work on athletic performance. I want to share my workout split so I can show that working out is not just hitting your glutes and only doing lifting exercises because it can be so much more.

Gaining muscle as a soccer player is easy but hard. I run a lot so I burn more calories than the average person. Also, due to the strain on my body, I don’t lift everyday or else my body breaks down. So this is my split:


Light Leg Day


Upper Body Push  Day

Soccer Training


3 to 4 mile run


Upper Body Pull Day

Soccer Training 


Heavy Full Body Day

Light intensity cardio

Saturday and Sunday:

Rest or long run

Something outdoors

I typically don’t lift that heavy because I know my body and it does not need that type of strain. I do more upper body because my legs work a lot harder than my upper body. My upper body also needs to gain strength to keep a balance with my legs. As you can see, I alternate muscles and the days I do cardio. I like to run on Wednesdays because running is tough on the body and I want to run a good time and distance.

Everyone’s split will look different. Not everything you see on social media is what YOU have to do. Cater it to your goals.

Anna is a senior at Hawaii studying Computer Science specializing in Cyber Security and minoring in Math. She is from Napa Valley, California. She loves focusing on school, health and fitness. When she is not studying, you can catch her working out, at the beach, with family, cuddling with her cats, at a coffee shop eating a lot of food or traveling somewhere off island.
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