How to Make Exercising Fun

I’ve talked to a lot of women about how, it’s not that they don’t want to go to the gym, but that the way it’s structured is like one of their classes. You go, get the participation points and then leave feeling bored and like you probably could have done something more important during that time. I hate hearing that people don’t think the gym is a fun, exciting environment to get their days going. Why? Because I think the gym can be one of the most invigorating and stress relieving places on campus.

I find weight training to be my “fun”, go-to activity, but I get it, weights aren’t for everyone. One, because some people don’t quite understand how to effectively use them and two, because lifting a heavy piece of metal doesn’t exactly sound like a thrilling activity for most. Luckily, there are only about 1000+ ways to fulfill a workout that doesn’t involve weights or even the gym for that matter, let me explain…

1. Take a Hike

We live in one of the most beautiful, vacation destinations in the world. People travel to Hawaii just to experience some of the hikes that we have to offer. Going on a hike may not seem like the most heart raising and intensive cardio you’re looking for, but it increases not only your physical but your mental health being surrounded by such immaculate views and breathing fresh air. We take for granted all that we are surrounded by right in Manoa, just a 10 min drive in and you’re at Manoa Falls, a short but beautiful hike with stunning greenery and a perfect outdoor adventure with friends.  


2. SUP Yoga

If your a little newer to the island, SUP is Stand Up Paddle boarding and, yeah, people do yoga on paddle boards. It’s something that I have always wanted to try and is the perfect outdoor, sunrise activity. Working out on the water creates the perfect combination of strength exercises, especially in your core for stabilization on the board, and yoga stretch complexes to ease your mind and body and it’s hilarious when you and your friends fall. Check it out at Ala Moana Regional Park! 


3. Pole Dancing

Yesssss girllll, don’t be fooled by the name ladies, pole dancing is one of the most difficult full body workouts you could ever imagine, but also one of the funniest and most thrilling classes you could take with girlfriends. Those women up there are stronger than you could ever imagine and it just makes you feel so empowered and womanly, embracing your body in a pole dancing class.


4. Try a Partner Workout

Now if you’re someone who does like going to the gym, go with a friend and do partner workouts. Things like squat medicine ball throws, plank taps or even just going together to be each other’s motivational voice. I go to the gym alone most of the time, but having someone yell at me and push me to go harder makes me want to kill that workout. You want to make your motivational voice proud, and show each other how incredible you both are and what your bodies can achieve.

5. Have Sex

Speaking of partner workouts, go get it on with your man. Sex obviously isn’t going to burn the same amount of calories as a full body workout would, but take one for the team and be on top. Exercise might also be a fun motivator outside of the bedroom, one study shows that women who exercise have more active sex lives, sooo think of exercise more as foreplay.


6. Spin Classes

I know, I know, these are considered the opposite of fun for most people, but for some, it’s an effective and fun way to get your workout in. For those of you who haven’t tried them, think of it this way; there’s loud pumping music, other strong and empowered women beside you inspiring you to keep up, it’s dark and it’s just you and the instructor going through hills and sprints, moving to the beat of the music while they push you to be the best you can be. If you want a fast and effective workout, spin burns up to 700 calories per class, so if that’s not enough I don’t know what is.

7. Download Nike Training App

They have workouts ranging from yoga, endurance, weight training, strength training, stretching, movement complexes, Pilates, etc. You can choose the time of the workouts and can base it off of if you do or don’t have equipment accessible, meaning you can do them in or out of the gym. Their workouts are engaging, fun, exciting and really make a difference in your workout routine. A lot of the workouts are taught by professional athletes too, so it can be fun to be led by Ronaldo or Serena Williams and their perfect bodies are great motivation.