3 Ways to Work Out at Home!

Now that gyms and many public spaces are closed, I found myself struggling to maintain my old exercise schedule. Working out provides me with extra energy that I need to be happy, healthy, and productive, so losing access to full gym equipment was difficult. However, being home the past month has allowed me to explore different options to stay healthy and active within the confines of my room! Here are some great and, most importantly, free resources that I found: 

The Nike Training Club app:

The app has made all of their premium workouts free until further notice so that people can still exercise while staying home and practicing social distancing! This app is great because it included guided workouts that range anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour! You can browse workouts based on muscle group, training level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), and available equipment. I love this app because I was able to use it at the gym when I had full equipment, and now that I’m home without access to a gym, there is still a full range of workouts that use no equipment and minimal equipment! You can also track your workouts to hold yourself accountable!

10 Minute Abs and 10 Minute Glutes:

There are tons of free workout videos on YouTube, but it can be hard to sift through all of the varieties. I like to use these 10 minutes guided workouts for when I have a limited amount of time and equipment. These videos by Alexis Ren require zero equipment and they are short but fulfilling! If you have resistance bands at home, her 10 minutes lower body workout is the perfect time to use them!

Instagram Fitness Coaches: 

There are a ton of Instagram fitness accounts but here are some that are easy to follow and realistic: Katie Crewe and MrandMrsMuscle. Katie Crewe’s account included many workouts that you can follow along with but she also includes videos that help you correct your form, which is perfect for people who are just starting out and not sure what to do. MrandMrsMuscle’s account is slightly different. They upload full videos with timed sets that are perfect if you like guided workouts. Most workouts do not require any equipment so if you have limited or zero equipment at home, this is the account for you!