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Spring break is around the corner but what about that spring break body?

Many people plan to get in better shape by making it a new year resolution. Sadly, that resolution usually goes unachieved by many. However, with spring break right around the corner, can you afford to let your fitness plan fall by the wayside?

Below are a couple tips to maintain that fitness plan in hopes of achieving your spring break body.

1.Get a work out buddy!

Nine times out of ten, you’re not the only one out of your group of friends that wants to get in shape. When you have a workout buddy (or buddies) it is easier to hold each other accountable-especially on those days when your bed seems more comfortable.

2.Cut out late night eating

We are in college, I understand that. But do you really need to eat that bag of chips at 10:30pm? Are you actually hungry or were they just calling your name? According to WebMD, late night eating has been long associated with packing on the pounds. If you really must eat late at night, try a healthier alternative like fruit or granola.


According to US News, you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. So if you weight, 100 pounds, you should be drinking 50 pounds of water. I’m almost certain many of us do not drink that much water. I can guarantee you it is not easy to drink that much water. Just drink as much water as you can a day. The more water, the better.

4.Workouts Can Be Done Without a Gym

Don’t use excuses such as, “the gym is closed” or “the gym is too crowded” to avoid working out. There are countless cardio, arm, leg, and ab workouts that do not require equipment or a gym at all. They simply require time and motivation. Here are some workouts that you can incorporate into your daily routine.


These are just a couple ways to enhance your fitness plan. Remember, fitness isn’t all about working out. You must eat right as well. Sneak more fruits and vegetables into your diet, it will definitely pay off. Lastly, stick to your fitness plan. Whatever your ultimate goal may be, stick to it. I promise, when Spring Break rolls around, you’ll be happy you did. 

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