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Quarantine 15, No More!

Ladies! I’m back, and today we’re talking all about fitness. Now, we have all been living our best lives in quarantine. We have been eating, we have been sleeping in, and catching up on all things Netflix. Yet, it’s time to get back, we need to get that quarantine 15 off. Down below I provided some workouts and healthy alternatives for you to test out and try!



Start off with a slow mile jog, if you can’t do 1 mile, shoot for half a mile. Then continue with the following exercises. 

Standing squats, 3 x 15

High Knees, 3 x 15

Monster Walks, 3 x 10

Crunches, 3 x 20

Leg raises, 3 x 15



Start off with a good pace mile or mile and a half. Then continue with the following exercises. 

Jump squats, 3 x 20

Lunges, 3 x 15

Fire hydrants, (10 on each side, 3 sets)

Sit-ups, 3 x 35

Plank 3 x 30sec



Start off with a good pace 2 mile. Then continue with the following exercises. 

Jump squats, 3 x 30

Fire Hydrants, (20 on each side, 3 sets)

Side steps in squat (w/band), 3 x 20

Single leg step up’s, (15 each side, 3 sets)

Plank, 3 x 1min

Bicycle, 3 x 50

Mountain Climbers, 3 x 20

Now let’s talk nutrition, there are a variety of yummy, healthy alternatives. Let’s tap into it! 

For breakfast, I like to start my mornings with something not as heavy. If you are trying to tone up I would recommend some oatmeal. If you are looking for something to aid your calorie deficient try considering a smoothie. Such as, a kale smoothie, add  kale, pineapples, lemon juice, and water. If you don’t like kale too much, you can try an acai smoothie. Add pineapples, strawberries, bananas, and some apple juice. If you are not into smoothies, you can try yogurt and granola.

Lunch can be tricky, but they’re a lot of things you can implement. The simplest lunch is a grilled chicken salad, I like to say that the more colorful your salad is the better. Carrots, tomatoes, peppers, even some eggs, try them all. If you feel more like a sandwich, consider a salad wrap. All the ingredients for your sandwich are there, just wrapped up in salad.

Dinner can be really exciting, you can apply a lot! Consider baked chicken with kale and some baked potatoes. This is a great balance dinner that includes all the food groups you need. For those who like fish, try salmon with some spinach and soft corn. I recommend all to stay away from red meat, it is a very heavy protein.

Lastly, down below are some snacks that you can attack. 

  • Sliced apples and peanut butter
  • Toast, on peanut butter with bananas
  • Raisins 
  • Peanuts, almonds
  • Greek yogurt with granola 
  • Cucumbers with hummus
  • Hard-boiled egg

Hopefully this motivated you ladies to get up and move! Let me know how it goes ladies, I’m rooting for you. 

Leslie Jaiyesimi

Hampton U '21

Sophomore who loves to drink wine and listen to R/B. Y'all listen to Jill Scott? bet. Hampton University student, and I play a little soccer on the side. Mainly a Youtuber, but you'll get some writing pieces and playlists out of me too. Enjoy, read, and comment!!
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