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How to Cure a Midterm Hangover

Midterm week can become a 50-car pile-up on the freeway blocking students from their destination for spring break. The endless late nights and study sessions can cause the worst stress and headaches. It is important for you to take care of yourself and get your glow back before spring break. 

With that, I present to you The Perfect Post-Midterm Recovery!

This night belongs to YOU. If anyone is calling and asking for favors, they must’ve missed the memo because tonight, they need to find somebody else. Even if you’re in a relationship, your lil boo thing can wait. They didn’t take those exams with you. Do what you have to do to limit their access to you. I’m not saying turn off all social media and block numbers but at the same time, do what you gotta do sis! For me, simply muting my phone will do.

You just got finished tackling exam after exam so of course you’re not eating at the cafe! When you first settle into your room decide what you’re going to order. You know it will take a while so go ahead and look through Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Postmates before getting in the shower. Place your order right before getting in the shower. This gives you about 20 to 30 minutes before your food arrives with perfect timing. 

For your long hot shower make sure you have a good slow jams playlist to relax you. SZA’s Ctrl with some Daniel Caesar, or Summer Walker is perfect! Just don’t get in your feelings. Use your favorite smell-good liquid body wash and exfoliating scrub if you want to get fancy. Go ahead and shave so you can obsess over your soft legs in the bed and prepare for spring break. Let the water run as long as you want when you’re done but don’t forget about your food that’s en route. When you’re back in your room slap on some lotion, throw on an oversized shirt and comfy shorts to grab your food. 

Finally, you’re in your own space fresh and clean with hot food. May I suggest having some wine on deck to aid in relaxation? Before eating, turn on your favorite show or Netflix movie on your TV or laptop (it is imperative to not use your phone.) Now it’s time to GRUB.

When you’re done eating, apply your face mask. I suggest a sheet mask. This night is about relaxation, who wants to struggle with the complicated gooeyness of the dry and peel masks? Last time I checked Walmart only has three sheet masks to choose from but the sheet masks at PINK are also good. If you prefer a dry and peel mask, try Neutrogena’s Grapefruit Peel Off Mask. It smells good and leaves skin tingling and hydrated. 

Not all movies are entertaining all the way through, that’s why you have your phone. Do some online shopping for an extra shot of stress release. Get some cute fits for spring break, spring fest, a dress for SOJU, or some inspiration for senior ball. Some of my favorite sites are Shein, Pretty Little Thing, and Princess Polly (Princess Polly a 20% discount for college students.)

Your night doesn’t have to end there, incorporate some of your hobbies. Paint if you’re artsy, meditate, or just sleep. The goal of the night is making yourself feel refreshed and rested. Do what makes you happy and enjoy every second of it. Kiss those exams goodbye and wave hello to spring break!