Affirmations To Keep While Securing The Bag

As summer ends, Securing the Bag Szn doesn’t stop. We’re securing the bag all year round and we can’t let anything distract us. Whether you’re in college or not, we go through so many emotions when trying our hardest to be somebody or become something, that we forget to take a breath and relax. Not only do we go through these emotions but we also tend to think negatively. So of course, my gift to you is some affirmations to keep your head up. 


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  1. I Will Succeed

When trying to secure the bag, the thought of failure will creep into your mind, try to push you away from achieving your goal. Always remind yourself that failure is not an option, so you’ll go hard for whatever you know you deserve. Whether you want to be a lawyer, doctor, teacher, business owner, etc. making sure that you keep the mindset that you will be successful and you will be what you have dreamt of becoming. 


  1. I Will Not Be Fearful

No matter your definition of securing the bag, whatever you chose to accomplish, you might be fearful. Maybe applying for that job you wanted, or that internship with a big company, or submitting your artwork to win a scholarship, a little fear might be in your heart. You can’t let that stop you. Everything starts with you. You decide where you want to be and what you want to do.  There’s no guarantee you’ll land on your feet but jump anyway. 


  1. I Love Myself And I Am Loved 

While being dedicated and trying your hardest to get to where you want to be in life, it’s easy to lose sight of who you are. You could be going through something personal while trying to keep up and in doing that, you forget how to take care of yourself. You do this by possibly not eating, cutting people off or just going completely off the grid. When getting like this, it’s okay to ask for help from people that you know care about you, or just asking them to be a lending ear because all you need is someone to listen. Not only should you reach out to people who love you, but also take the time to evaluate yourself and ask what you can do to be fully aware/prepared to continue your journey. 


  1. I Am Allowed Mistakes 

Everything is not perfect, and mistakes will be made. Making mistakes is inevitable and the best thing you can do is try to learn from them to become better for the next time. Allowing yourself to make mistakes can open doors for new opportunities making you become more motivated. Not only will you be more motivated but you’ll feel completely unstoppable.


Always remember to be positive in anything you choose to do. Positive energy will bring great outcomes and that’s what you should always want. You’re strong, you’re brave and you’re great. With this being said, let’s secure that bag !!


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