The Benefits Of Working Out While In College

Working out is often pushed to the bottom of college students’ schedules, especially when they have a lot going on with school, extracurriculars or even when they just don’t feel like doing it. I’m here to tell you why you should incorporate working out into your schedule more often!



Stress relief:

Every college student knows stress. Between class, clubs, work and sports, the typical college student has a lot on their plate. Exercising reduces stress levels, so it is actually beneficial to squeeze it in along with homework and other activities. It is hard to get the energy to go to the gym after a long day of doing other things, but once you get there and start moving, you can feel the stress melt away. 


A lot of people hear about the “freshman 15” going into college, and even though people often take that too seriously, it is always good to remain healthy by eating right and exercising. Sneaking a workout in here and there is healthy for both your body and your mind. 

Something fun to do with friends:

Staying in with your friends and watching movies can get dull after a while. If you’re looking for something fun to do as a group, you and your friends could always hit the gym together or even go on a run. It’s really nice to have someone on the elliptical next to you for encouragement and entertainment, plus if you make plans to work out with other people, you’re a lot less likely to talk yourself out of going at the last minute.



You’re paying for it:

You don’t have to pay out of pocket whenever you visit the gym in Walker Field House because you’re already paying for it with your tuition. It would be a waste of money not to go work out as often as you can, right?

It’s rewarding:

Seeing yourself improve after working out for a while is one of the best feelings. Starting out barely being able to do a few pushups or not being able to run a whole mile and then improving and reaching your goals is always great. It takes some time, but when you start noticing improvement you get inspired to work out more and to continue to better yourself.



A lot of people (including myself) really underestimate the power of a good workout. There are so many benefits to working out as a college student, so hopefully you get inspired to work it into your schedule more often.