Finesse Your Fitness: A Review on Down Dog Yoga-Georgetown

Finesse Your Fitness:

A Review on Down Dog Yoga-Georgetown



Sweat. Transform. Flow.

Namaste, the “third eye” and other yogi terms are all over social media. But let’s be real: how many of us have actually tried the practice of yoga, and is it really how it looks online? I have always been fascinated by the practice of yoga and all the teachings that come with it. The power of the studio can cultivate flexibility but also help us find strength, humility, and balance. Yoga can help you find your center when you feel off balance; an outlet from the everyday chaos. By this point, you’re probably wondering if what I just wrote is real or if it’s a crock of sh*t. I have not practiced yoga in a hot sec (pun intended), but this week I visited Down Dog Yoga’s Georgetown location on 34th street. So coming from a very inflexible place, here’s the tea, sis:


What’s Down Dog Yoga?

Down Dog Yoga is a DMV-based hot yoga studio with locations in Georgetown, Bethesda, Herndon, and Clarendon. Founded in 2002, DDY teaches the practice of Baptiste. Baptiste is a type of hot power yoga that focuses on poses, meditation, and self-inquiry. DDY prides itself on being an inclusive space that celebrates the congregation of community and the power of authentic living. The studio offers Hot Power 60, Hot Power 75, Hot Power 90, Core Beats, Power Burn, Power +Yin, Relax +Renew, and Power Basics. All classes are heated to 95 degrees, so in the wise words of Lil Baby, get ready to “drip too hard.”


Where’s Down Dog Yoga?

1229 34th St NW

Washington, DC 20007


What instructors are we feeling this week?

I took Derek Cook’s 8:30 flow with music and he kept it real through the whole class. He was intentional in his teaching, but gave you enough space to make it your own practice. The flow was consistent with a few points for mindful meditation. He was upbeat and there was not a moment where I felt my mind wandering, which happens a lot when I take a low intensity class. Derek was the best kind of instructor because he let you own your mat while helping you push past limits to find new breakthroughs. I vibed with Derek’s class and it is great for ALL levels.    


Is it going to break my budget?

NamaNOPE! With a valid student ID all classes are $15, and they have special deals like $30 for 30 days for new students. ALSO, they offer Flow for $5 a few times a week too. They offer mat rentals to newer yogis who do not have one, and have blocks you can borrow for class. So, go align your chakras without misaligning your budget. 


SO, what’s the verdict?

Down Dog is an exceptional studio, especially if you love quaint, cozy, local businesses. I love how these smaller studios focus solely on the reason why you are there: to enhance your practice and find a quiet place amidst the busy city. Taking the 8:30 was a perfect way to start my day and get the reset I have long needed. It is doable for all levels, which makes it approachable no matter what kind of yogi you are. If you love a good sweat and need a good, solid reset, Down Dog is your space to make it happen. #selfcare