Plant Parenting 101

Plants are an excellent addition to any dorm room. They add a bit a freshness to any room and it’s also nice to have something other than you and your roommate that’s alive in your dorm. Keeping your plant (and you roommate) alive is key. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky picking the right plant for you, so here’s a guide to help out anyone hoping to become a plant parent.


Picking the right plant for you

If you have a lot of light in your room (bright light plants):

Cacti and succulents

These are the easiest to take care of, especially if you’re not used to having to water a plant. They require very little water and grow best under bright light. They’re also pretty durable if you need to transport your plant. Cacti and succulents are the perfect plants for first time plant parents.

Aloe Vera

This plant loves lots of light and doesn’t require too much attention with watering. Make sure not to let the soil dry out too much. Aloe Vera needs to be watered a little more than cacti and succulents.


This one might be best suited for more experienced plant parents. Orchids like lots of light, but watering can be tricky. Orchids grow best in soil that is charcoal and peat moss based. Make sure your orchid is in a pot that can allow for proper drainage.

Peace Lily

We had one of these in my house growing up and it grew the best with lots of light and watering every other day. Depending on how well your plant does, it might get a little big for your dorm.

If you don’t have a ton of light in your room (medium and low light plants):


Ferns will do best in medium light. They will also thrive in humidity- try putting them with other houseplants. Never let the soil dry out on your fern, they like to be watered every other day. Also, naming your fern shouldn’t be too difficult…

Spider Plants (also called Airplane plants)

This is the kind of plant I currently have. His name is Parker and he is THRIVING. He’s way too big for his pot because he grows best in near my window where it is nice and cool. Spider plants don’t need much heat or a ton of sun and can be watered every two days. Another neat thing about spider plants is that they grow baby spider plants that can be clipped off to grow a new plant. My spider plant is actually from a friend and has since grown baby plants of its own.


These plants don’t like too much light so they work well on a desk and don’t necessarily need a spot on the windowsill. Make sure not to over water this one. The soil should dry out before each time you water.

Hobbit Jade

This is a type of succulent but it doesn’t require as much light as cacti. Hobbit Jade doesn’t require much watering either. We have an especially prolific plant at home so they are a pretty easy plant to take care of.


Bamboo requires low/medium light and quite a bit of water. Water your bamboo every other day, but be careful not to flood it.

Other tips:

When choosing a plant, consider several factors: the light in your dorm, how much space you have, and how easy it will be to transport your plant.

Pick the right pot for your plant. Always make sure there at least one drainage hole in your plant’s pot. If the plant can’t drain, it can get root rot and die. Some plants need more drainage than others. Some soils make it easier for water to drain. Peat moss based soils are usually a good option. It’s also helpful to add rocks to the bottom of the pot for drainage, just make sure not to cover the drainage hole.

Name your plant- if it has a name, maybe you’ll be less likely to neglect it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pick a plant that fits your zodiac sign. Again, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Enjoy all the loveliness of plant parenthood!