A Quick 15-Minute Core Workout  

It can be really hard to physically get up and try to exercise, especially when school and work can be overwhelming and we're stuck at home. I always worked best and felt more productive when I broke things down into smaller chunks. Longer time frames (and tasks that seemed like they would take a long time to do) would scare me, so I started breaking things down so it would be less overwhelming and more exciting to do. I do the same for workouts, especially now since we are homebound.  


It was hard to attribute an hour or so a day to physical activity so I began to break it down and only start with 45 minutes a day and do it about three times a week. The 45 minutes would then be broken down into three 15-minute intervals throughout the day so it can be a nice escape from school and work. One of those intervals is for a core workout and it has a great long-term impact. The core workout consists of: 


  • 15 sit-ups

  • 30 crunches  

  • 15-second plank  

  • 15 toe taps 

  • 20 cycling crunches  

  • 10 leg raises  

  • 10 single leg raises 

  • 12 glute bridges 


Repeat this set 2-3 times, depending on how you're feeling.  


This is a great way to start adding some physical activity to your daily routine and something that could help you move to more complex workouts!