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With the new year rolling in, the urge to make resolutions for 2022 and jump right into a fresh start is overwhelming. Gyms will see the short burst of enthusiasm about working out until people remember exactly why they stopped the prior year, and people everywhere will be trying to push 2021 to the back of their minds and leave it in the past. However, while every year has moments that we wish to erase and keep from our minds, especially this past year with the pandemic limiting the opportunities we are able to seize and continuing to corral us towards staying at home, we need to remember to take a moment to reflect.  

Think back and remember the moments that you were proud of through the past year. Your accomplishments, no matter how small they seem, are worth noting. Maybe you studied really hard and achieved a grade on one particular evaluation that you were really happy with. Perhaps you found a new hobby or time for a book you had been putting off for too long. For any risk you took or times you put yourself out of your comfort zone, whether it ended good or bad, be proud that you tried.  

After recognizing yourself, also take some time to appreciate the value of others in your life. Did you make any new friends this year or reconnect with old ones? Maybe there was one event that you can look back fondly on because of the way someone made you laugh.  

The experiences that you wish to forget about need a moment of reflection as well. It may be painful, but it is worth realizing the trials you have been through in the past year and how you’ve successfully made it out the other end. The new year holds no promises for change, but if you made it through 2021, what’s holding you back from making the most of the year to come? Everyone has their personal New Years’ traditions, but refreshing one’s mindset is one that everyone should integrate into their schedule.  

Just don’t forget to bring your mind back to the present after all this reflecting. Getting stuck on events of the past won’t do you any good. Everyone wants to look towards the future, and that’s important, and I have now implored you to think about the past. However, at the end of the day don’t forget that the present is just as important. Pondering your value in others’ lives, their value to you, and what is good in your life now is a good way to bring yourself back to your present reality with a clear mind ready for what is to come now, and what lies ahead in the future.   

Kristie is a 3rd year English major at the University of Guelph and the senior editor for Guelph's Her Campus chapter!
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