How to Take Breaks

When you’re off from work or school you get a chance to unwind and relax. This seems fairly easy but there are times when decompressing the mind can be a challenge. The human mind is flooded with thoughts of what could get done or what needs to be done.


Sometimes it is important to just take a break and do nothing. In fact, this can increase productivity. But taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean watching tv, surfing the web or spending time on social media. Sometimes this does not work because the mind could focus back into work mode. I decided to compile some of my favourite ways to “take a break” that actually shifts the mind’s focus onto something else. It’s almost a way to actively take a break rather than passively, plus it gives you more time to do the things you like through the day.


1. Meditate

There are many videos and podcasts that help beginners learn how to meditate. It’s a great way to get in tune with your body and mental self. By meditating, you focus your attention on your breathing or perhaps white noise from the podcast. My favourite way to meditate is to listen to the sounds of nature while tuning into myself and focusing on my breathing.


2. Adult Colouring books

Sometimes going back to your childhood can be the best way to take a break. Adult colouring books are essentially aesthetic books that have printed patterns to colour in. Find some markers or pencil crayons and get to work! It also helps shift your focus since you have to concentrate on staying between the lines while colouring- taking your mind away from other matters.


3. Cook

Take time to cook your meals after studying. This is a healthier and more cost efficient way to eat. If you don’t know how to cook, find quick recipes online to get started.


4. Plug in music and workout

Squeezing in a thirty-minute workout can make such a difference in your day. Not only does it boost energy, but it also improves the quality of your sleep. Plug in some music while working out so it doesn’t seem as boring. A workout doesn’t have to be lifting weights at the gym, it can simply be going for a jog or walk. I find that running and listening to music helps clear my mind and focuses my attention on my strides or the music.


5. Journal

Journaling is something many people try. It’s a great way to self-evaluate and reflect on your day. Therefore, finding ways to improve yourself and track your progress. It can also act as a mental cleanse when thoughts and feelings fill up on the paper.


Taking a break is so important for mental health and improving productivity! But it shouldn’t be passive. Therefore, trying to incorporate your hobbies or trying new things to establish a hobby is a great way actively take a break. It’s important to remember that it’s great to work towards your goals but that doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the things you love. Try to incorporate the things you like to do as a way to take breaks during working.  This leads to a balanced lifestyle and better mental health!








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