Getting a Pet While in University Was the Best Decision I've Ever Made

  • It helps  greatly with mental health 

Many students can relate to this; having a stable and healthy mental health is nearly impossible to attain while in  university. With the stress of everyday life, on top of the millions of midterms, labs, exams, and projects due, grounding yourself and forgetting what’s tormenting you is  extremely difficult.  

When I got my companion named Haru, everything changed. I had something to look forward to  come home to after class. Sitting down to work on that tedious essay is much less painful when you’re accompanied by a desk buddy purring at your side. We can all attest to how cute pets are  as well, acting on their own as de-stressors by just being themselves.  

Not only has getting a cat helped boost my productivity, but it has boosted my overall mood. This , in turn, helped me reach a level of happiness that I haven’t felt in a really long time.  


  • It keeps you on a steady routine.  

I’m not certain if I’m the only culprit out here, but I often forget to take care of myself. You tend to  start to sleep in later and later during the middle of the semester, procrastinate more than usual, and letting your dietary habits take a plunge for the worse. The first week of the semester is always the easiest, but you soon find yourself in a sea of stress after just a few weeks in. 

However, having a pet has helped me curve my bad habits. My cat helps me keep a steady schedule for herself, such as feeding her at regular times, which in turn helps keep my personal schedule in check. I personally find it easier to care for someone else (or pets), than to care for myself. For example, when I care for my cat, it helps me realize that I also need to eat, which is often something I forget to do during my studying.  

Photo by Emilie Kelly

  • It helps you learn to budget  

We all know it. University fees and tuition takes a large toll on the wallet. There’s nothing worse than having to pay that bill at the beginning of every semester and see all that summer job’s earnings disappear in a flash.  

Pets are expensive, and that’s something that you have to  be aware of before getting one. However, they’re a great tool to learn to budget. More of your money will have to go towards pet essentials such as food and veterinary care. That means you’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases which you’ll regret later since you have less leeway with your funds.  

Plus, you’ll have less money to spend on drinking and junk food, which your body will definitely thank you for in the long run. Plus, your fluffy companion will too.  


  • Pets don’t cause drama 

Having a fluffy companion will result in you having a newfound friend that doesn’t judge you or cause drama. They won’t judge you for not wearing Sephora makeup, or if you’ve forgotten to do your morning skincare routine. They’ll be happy to just be able to spend time in your company. 

You don’t have to uphold social standards with them, or have to listen to them rant about their ex for the 8th time that week. Instead, they’ll curl up next to you while you re-watch Gilmore Girls and drink tea.  

Photo by Emilie Kelly

  • It prevents you from having to leave the house too often.  

If you’re anything like me, you always get roped into going to your friend’s house every time instead of them coming over to yours because they don’t feel like getting out of their pajamas again. Here’s the catch- they’ll start wanting to come over to your house instead since you’re the one with the adorable pet.  

Furry companions also serve as a great excuse when your friends want to hang out and you don’t want to break their hearts and turn them down. You can pull the classic “Sorry, I’ve got to go home and feed Fido,” card. Everyone’s happy that way.