5 Yoga Poses to De-Stress Your Mind This School Year

We all know how crazy the school semester gets, especially around exam season where we automatically grab those chocolate covered peanut M&M’s and binge-watch Netflix to try to settle our minds. Now although snacking on junk foods and binge watching our favorite tv shows are ways to distract ourselves, it is important to practice something that helps our mental health and physical health at the same time.  

Yoga has been practiced for centuries and it is a great way to let go and find your center again. When you find yourself getting too wound up and in a funk during exam season, simply practice these 5 simple yoga poses! They’re both fun and will make you feel grounded and stress-free again. When practicing these poses, be mindful of your breathing and keep your thoughts focused on the position you are practicing. Happy Yoga!!!


1.Salutation Seal

Hold for 30 seconds.



2.Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Hold this position for 60 seconds and sit with a straight spine.


3.Cats Pose

This pose is a good way to stretch your spine and lower back, as well as keep your core in tact. Hold for 60 seconds


4.Cow Pose

This is a great way to warm up the spine and creates emotional balance. Hold for 60 seconds.  

5.Downward Dog Position

Known as the ultimate all-over rejuvenating stretch. Hold for 60 seconds.