The Top 5 Study Spots at GSU

Hey Georgia State! I hope you’re having a great week. You may be a freshman, transfer or returning student eager to make all A’s and continue to succeed in all of your classes but you have to study to achieve those good grades. Before you study, you need the perfect spot to do so! Of course, the Georgia State Library, but that’s cliché and honestly a little packed. If you’re interested in other spots that might be better than the campus library you're in luck!

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies is one of my favorite places to study. You do not have to be a student of the Andrew Young School to come in. To get in, all you have to do is show your Panther ID to security. There is a nice lounge area with wide windows that are great for people watching or studying. The best time to study there is before lunch hours.

College of Law

The College of Law has several spots inside of the building for you to study. The College of Law has a library that’s actually quiet compared to the campus library. Also, there are areas in the lobby you can use for studying as well with about 300 seating options throughout the library. You can also go to the sixth floor which is known as the “quiet floor” if you want to be able to hear a pin drop!

Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall (AKA the Honors College) has a few cozy seats in the building. Go up the elevators and you’ll find seating right outside of the offices to study. Inside, you’ll also find the Centennial Café in the lobby where you can grab a cup a coffee before you start studying. If you want to study close to your dorm, Centennial Hall is a great choice and only a 5-minute walk.

Urban Life Building/Courtyard

Urban Life is one of GSU’s older buildings. It has a few floors with lockers and designated areas for studying. It’s very quiet in the evening which is the perfect time to look over class notes. If you like to study outside, the Urban Life building has a courtyard as well that is connected to the GSU Sports Arena.

Third Floor of Student Center East

I always found myself studying in Student Center East during my freshman and sophomore years. It is always silent. In this building, there are long rows of tablet arm chairs for

students to use. Also located on the third floor is the Gallery Lounge, which is extremely cozy, quiet, and features wonderful art projects. The Student Involvement office is also located on the third floor and they offer room for students to lounge or study.

Do you have a favorite study spot? Don't stop at just these five spots! Studying inside or outside is easily accessible and Georgia State University is a huge campus that’s worth exploring. As a senior, I’ve finally found some of the best study spots on campus and hopefully you’ll find these places useful too.