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The Issue with Double Standards in Open Sexuality

Sex and gender are constant topics of discussion as society is constantly pivoting. With more acceptance and representation of the LGBTQIA community, some still oppose but only to certain aspects of it. The “what about the children?” narrative is always used in reference to outward displays of queerness and it’s getting old and played out. 

Recently, there’s been a social media frenzy involving Lil Nas X and Lil Boosie. The rapper has heavily weighed in on his thoughts about Lil Nas X and his influence on young black boys. Many of his offensive comments stirred outrage online and within the LGBTQIA community. Reminder, this is the same man who admitted to hiring a sex worker to service his teenage son for his birthday, so this is the last person anyone expects to hear sound sexual advice from. 

Lil Nas X on the other hand is completely unbothered and continues to be himself. Social media loves and resonates with him as he trolls back the internet trolls who think they can shame or belittle him. His clapbacks and album pregnancy photos are viral and the ultimate ‘ha ha’ to those who are against queer folks. 

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I found it interesting how everyone has a comment or opinion on Lil Nas X but not a word was said about JoJo Siwa at her debut premiere or Normani and Teyana Taylor’s performance at the Video Music Awards. 

Siwa was accompanied by her girlfriend on the red carpet of an event targeted at children. There are even photos of them kissing and being affectionate with one another. But again, crickets. 

Normani and Taylor’s performance at the VMA’s was groundbreaking, especially with it being attributed to Janet Jackson’s older concert performances. With that context, we know the performance has a sexual nature behind it but because it’s two women, it’s steamy and entertaining. The performance received so much support and social media shares, it was almost impossible to not have seen it. 

This is a giant red flag. As a society, we’re teaching the double standard that for young men, heterosexuality is all there should ever be for them but for young women, they are mainly sexual objects as long it’s for the male gaze and entertainment (remember the controversy over W.A.P).

We’re so “concerned” about what children are digesting from the media but don’t take the time to explain to them what they’re seeing. That would include educating yourself on the topic and distributing the right information instead of bias, which many struggle with. There’s no guidance or proper perspective.

Everyone reserves the right to express who they naturally are. Societal roles and expectations don’t serve us any good and the double standards we’ve invented are crippling us. 

Stop using “the children” as a cover up and let’s address the real issue of bias and homophobia in the world. 

I am a senior at Georgia State University, studying media entrepreneurship and journalism. I enjoy writing about trending/culture topics, social activism topics and feature pieces. I chose to write for HerCampus because I want to continue my journalism career on campus and build a bond with other women within my profession.
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