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Yoga is one of those things we always say we are going to try, but hardly ever get around to it. Because of our ignorance on the subject, we just put it off as something that can be done later when we have enough time in the morning or afternoon; this especially happens when we become stressed. It seems as if every time our lives get hectic we cut out the things we need the most, claiming it takes up too much of our time. We don’t even realize that when done enough it could actually benefit our overall health. Yoga is one of these things. We all know yoga’s known benefits: such as more energy, flexibility, and better posture. But would the benefits we don’t know convince us to actually go through with it this time? Let’s find out! The real benefits of yoga are actually helpful to our everyday lives, especially with being a student. Sometimes a little extra help finding peace isn’t such a bad thing.

It can boost our emotional health. This can seem pretty obvious to some, but to most it’s not. We all know that exercise and eating healthy can make us feel better, but yoga could be the icing on the cake. A study from Duke University Medical Center suggested that yoga could actually benefit those living with psychiatric conditions, such as depression and schizophrenia. There have also been studies stating that taking a group yoga class stimulates oxytocin, the hormone associated with love and social bonding, and serotonin, the hormone associated with happiness and pleasure.

It’s a cure for the dreaded hangover. We all know how this feels. It may also seem like this would be the last thing in our minds to do when we feel this way, but it’s actually one of the most appropriate things to do. Yoga speeds up the recovery of a hangover, because it speeds up the metabolism and detoxes your system. Poses such as the “shoulder stand”, “plow” and “fish” create balance in the body by reversing the blood flow to your brain.

You’ll finally get some rest. Many studies have shown yoga to be one of the most effective “medicines” to treating insomnia. With school, work, friends and everyday battles, it’s a wonder any of us get any sleep at all. Poses like the “forward fold” create circulation in the body, which calms your body and mind altogether. Yoga is an excellent remedy to getting the well-needed rest you deserve.

Yoga can provide lifelong benefits for your mind, body and soul. Understanding those benefits in depth could possibly give all the motivation you need to finally get out there and sign up for a class. Why not experience the healing power yoga has to offer?

My name is Mirakle Stillman and I am currently a student at Georgia State University. My major is Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Film and Video. I am a part of HerCampus GSU where I work as a Public Relations Director as well as writing editorials. I plan on going into the media fields that include broadcast journalism, public relations, and television/radio production. I love chocolate chip cookies, dogs, contemporary hip hop, hair, shopping and laughing for hours at a time! I hope to make my voice heard one day on multiple platforms. XOXO
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