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My Top 3 Tips for Living with Anxiety

One of the most common mental health disorders is anxiety, especially amongst college students. The stress of assignments, organizations, and social settings can be too heavy for one person to carry. Pushing the stress off and trying to ignore what’s really going on is never a good idea. Here are some tips you can use when you feel anxiety catching up to you.

Take a second to breathe

You’ve heard this one before, but it really helps just to take a moment, clear your head and breathe. One thing to do is to meditate silently or with calming music, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. If you’re in public, you can try to find somewhere quiet like a bathroom or the lobby of the building. If you can’t get comfortable in those places, it’s perfectly fine to go home and take some time. Your mental health is far more important than whatever else you may be doing.


Slow your roll

It can be so hard to juggle everything in college, especially with so many different things in the mix. If you feel like your obligations are getting the best of you, maybe it’s a good idea to trim them down. Start by thinking about what you’re committing to that you don’t necessarily have to do. Sure, it’s a great idea to be in different clubs and be active on your campus, but taking on more than you can handle is never a good decision. If you’re struggling with anxiety, keep your involvement to a minimum or just participate in the events without being a member of the club. That way you can still reap the benefits without the obligations.


Enjoy your alone time

Having time alone can be a relief when your college life involves interactions with people all day. You can take a bubble bath, do a face mask or read a book. Just find something you enjoy doing alone. This is a much-needed opportunity to recharge and be ready to interact with people again, whenever you’re ready. We’re not saying that you should cut your friends off and sever all ties with the outside world, but you should definitely take the time to recuperate after using a lot of your energy being around other people.


I am not a healthcare professional, and the information in this article should not be used in place of medical attention. If you are regularly experiencing feelings of anxiety, you should seek professional help.

Georgia State University Counseling and Testing Center

75 Piedmont Ave NE

Suite 200A


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