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A Journal For Your Needs

Journaling comes in many shapes and forms. You need no particular reason to journal, nor is there guidelines on how to. Anything you can possible think of there’s a way to turn it into a journal. Here are some ways you can turn your thoughts or everyday activities into a writing experience:


The most common type of journal we’ve all heard about or even used personally. In a diary you can write out some of the things you can’t say aloud or utilize it to put your thoughts into words. Sometimes we keep our deepest secrets in here. If you had a diary with a lock on it or voice recognition when you were younger, you know the content that can exist in a diary. 

Keeping a diary is beneficial and in many ways can help decompress in stressful situations.  


Idea Journal 

For someone who constantly has ideas passing through their head, it’s hard to keep track of all the aspirations you have for yourself. Writing out your ideas can also help determine which of those are feasible or bring attention to the ones that need more planning before pursuing it. 

When writing new entries, be sure to write a brief description about the concept. That way when you refer back to the idea you will know your thought process behind it, instead of having a vague topic.

As you continue to fill your journal with more ideas you can cross off the projects you’ve brought to life and watched unfold. No idea is too big or small. 


Dream Journal

Studies show that 10 minutes after the end of a dream we forget 90 percent of its content. Dreams are said to contain signs that have a deeper meaning. If you are one to take note of these events, you would want to be able to recall what happened. 

Say for instance you have dreams that reoccur and you can’t seem to figure out what it means or every time you have that dream something new is revealed. Having a dream journal can help piece together the cognitive puzzle.


Writing Journal

For any aspiring writer, a writing journal is essential. If you prefer writing your drafts versus typing, this is a perfect tool to use. A journal to can help one work through writer’s block in some cases. Some days it may be harder to write or even fix ourselves to pick up a pen, but in order to continue growing in our writing abilities we have to continuously exercise our skills. Writing can have a love/hate effect, sometimes you may even need to step away and fall in love with the craft again. However, if it is something you are passionate about you have to endlessly work at it. 


Travel Journal

A travel journal doesn’t have to look like the typical journal you would find in the notebook section. You can have fun with it and make it similar to a scrapbook. If there is a place you visit, you can develop the pictures you took while you were there and put in your journal. You can even write a small insert about your experience for when you reflect back on the past places you have traveled to. 


Workout Journal

An easy way to have an efficient workout session is to write down your circuits in a journal or notebook before exercising. This way, you will spend your time wisely on the muscle groups you wish to focus on for that day. When we don’t exercise with intention we end up using any and every machine at the gym just because. Workout with a purpose!


Pocket Journal

This journal is an all-purpose tool. You can use this to make lists, reminders . . . you name it. Hence the name, this journal is usually small and can fit in your pocket or purse. Perfect for when you are on-the-go, so make sure you always have a pen handy.

Sierra Jenkins is currently a student at Georgia State University studying journalism and African American studies. Jenkins aspires to enlighten and inform others through her writing. She believes it is important to have conversations and create dialogue around topics that aren't always discussed publicly. Jenkins strives to break societal barriers through her use of words and set an example for other women from all walks of life.
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