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How to Love Yourself with Your Love Language

Love languages— let’s talk about it. I’m sure by now you’ve probably taken the love language quiz. If you haven’t, click here to take it now. After taking the quiz, there tends to be an overwhelming pressure to get a significant other to express love in a way that correlates with what the test results of your quiz were. For singles, there might be a new determination to never date someone who doesn’t share your love language again. Instead of trying to find someone to use your love language on you, here are some ways to use them through self-love!

Words of Affirmation

Those who speak this love language feel best when they receive encouragement and compliments. A great way to love yourself in a way that pertains to this language would be to speak to yourself the way you’d like someone to speak to you. For example, if you accomplish something that you worked hard on, congratulate yourself! Look in the mirror and compliment yourself about all the features that make you feel beautiful and make you, you!

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Physical Touch

This love language is for those who feel most loved when they are lovingly touched by their partners, but you don’t need to have a partner to speak this language. If you’re not able to hug someone else, you can always hug yourself! It might sound corny but it’s not. You could also consider cuddling with your pet or a teddy bear. If you’re a person that loves affection, be sure to give some to yourself now and then.

Receiving Gifts

If you’re someone who likes to be spoiled with thoughtful or expensive gifts, you’re in the right place. Think about it, who would know the perfect gift that you’d want for yourself, better than you! Get yourself those shoes you’ve been eyeing or treat yourself to some dessert while you’re on your lunch break. Spoil yourself! 

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Quality Time

Speakers of this love language enjoy receiving undivided attention, having meaningful conversations, and doing things they love with their partners. You might be thinking to yourself, “How am I supposed to spend quality time with myself?” It might seem hard but think about it, you spend time with yourself 24/7. This being said, it is more than possible to spend quality time with yourself! If you like going out to eat, take yourself on a dinner date. If you enjoy thoughtful conversations, set aside some time for you to journal. If you enjoy receiving undivided attention from your partner, take a self-care day and give some to yourself! You got this.

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Acts of Service

People who greatly appreciate receiving help with tasks speak this love language. While it is a bit harder to speak this love language to yourself, you can schedule all the tasks you have to complete so that it’s less stressful. Getting a planner and writing everything down is serving yourself because you won’t have to worry about doing chores or errands at the last minute. 

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Remember ladies, you can love yourself just as good or even better than a partner can when you speak your love languages to yourselves. Good luck on your self-love journey!

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