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Honestly, I’m #StressdT With a Capital “T”

Now that we are in our 6th week of in-person classes, school just got real!

There’s no “introduce yourself to the class with your name, major, and a fun fact” anymore. There are no more simple syllabus quizzes or little to no homework. Instead, there are tests, campus events, organizations, social life, and the list goes on! 

Due to all of these life changes, it is important to say that you are stressedT with a capital T! But what’s also important is learning how to adjust.

If you can’t change the stressor, change yourself. In order to do that, you have to adapt to stressful situations and regain your self-control by changing your way of thinking.

Find ways to think positively about whatever you have on your to-do list, and you will eventually get through being stressedT smoothly! Rather than stressing out about how demanding life and school can be, use that time to plan out your week and add in a self-care day!

Recently, I bought a calendar to write down everything that I have to do for the week, and while I was at it, I took off every Friday for self-care! I would say this was probably the best decision I could ever make in order to release my stress intake! 

I realized that I was stressedT a lot about what I did, or what meetings I needed to attend, all because I tried to memorize them instead of just writing them down. Seeing everything that you have to do right in front of you, helps you to make a plan and adjust– you see, there goes that word again!  

In doing so, you’re able to prioritize your time and eventually be stress free! It is important to handle situations differently in life instead of resulting in stress, because it takes more time to stress about it, then to just get it done!

So, as the semester goes on, remember to prioritize your time and think positively and soon enough you will start to handle situations differently in life, because you are adapting to new adjustments! 

From the “ghetto” parts of Norfolk, Virginia, to the bright and flashy lights of Atlanta, an upcoming Youtuber Jaiya Brown takes on multiple life challenges to pursue her dreams as a Television Personality. Her bubbly and blunt personality attracts viewers from all around the world to see her keep it “all the way real.” Currently, Jaiya is a senior at Georgia State University studying in Journalism with a concentration in Multimedia Reporting. Jaiya is also with the student news program on campus as an Entertainment reporter to build her reel for internships in Atlanta. Jaiyas also made multiple appearances on her High School student news and entertainment segments as well. Jaiya’s goal is to apply to multiple internship opportunities and work along with celebrities in her field, so that one day, she could see herself on the big screen near you.
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