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The Her Campus Guide to College Life

If you haven’t heard, the Her Campus book has been released! Co-founders, Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Chandler Wang, Windsor Hanger Western, and the Writers and Editors of Her Campus have written the ultimate guide of surviving college. This book is perfect for rising freshmen, and students who are already in college. Learn how to manage relationships, stay safe and healthy, handle stress, and have The BEST Years of Your Life! Here’s a sneak peek of our favorite chapters.

Chapter 2: Safety Around Campus

This chapter is all about how to stay safe on campus, off campus, and even at parties. Living on campus and away from home is very different, but these tips and advice will help you adjust and know what to do and not do.

Chapter 4: Studying Abroad

One of the best experiences of college is studying abroad. This chapter is all about how to decide where to go, finding the perfect study abroad program, how to afford it and preparing for the trip. If you’re thinking about studying abroad with GSU, visit www.studyabroad.gsu.edu!

Chapter 8: Mental Health

College is fun, but it can also get very stressful. This chapter is about how to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, homesickness, and more. If you’re going through a rough time, talk to someone! The GSU Health Clinic on campus is free for students, so stop by if you ever feel sick, down, or need a massage!

Chapter 10: Roommates

This is a very important chapter. Living in dorms with people you don’t really know yet could either go really good, or really bad. Learn how to bond with your roommate, how to room with your friend, and how to handle roommate conflicts. Use these tips and advice to help create the best dorm life experience in college.

Chapter 15: Greek Life

Thinking about going Greek, or want to know more information? Greek life is another amazing experience to have in college. Learn what it takes to be greek, navigate through rush, and what sorority life is all about. For more information about GSU’s Greek Life, visit www.greeklife.gsu.edu!

Chapter 19: Landing Jobs and Internships

Throughout college, you will need to obtain experience outside of class to help you get your dream job after graduation. This chapter has everything you need to know about internships, researching, talking to a campus career counselor, and perfecting your resume. Use this chapter to help you prepare and get that dream internship/job!

We’re so excited to have this perfect college guide, and we hope it brings you all of the success and knowledge you need to survive the best years of your life! Happy Reading!


Ashley Drayton is an alumna of Georgia State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Since being involved with Her Campus, she was co-founder and president of the GSU chapter, former chapter advisor of 5-8 college chapters, and wrote as a national contributing writer. Her dream job/career is to become a top writer, editor, blogger.
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