Fall' 18 Pink Week Wraps Up

On Thursday evening, Oct. 11, HerCampus GSU concluded their annual Pink Week with a girl’s night.


Much of the HerCampus staff -- as well as students from Georgia State -- came together to connect through games like Cards Against Humanity, HeadsUp, and corn hole. Over two hours, everyone had the opportunity to tune out the stress of college life and have genuine fun.

Picture by Deanna Griffin

“I loved taking a break from school stress and just letting loose with my girls,” co-events chair, Moya Leung said.


In addition to hilarious card games and exciting rounds of charades, the girls also bonded through R&B throwbacks and good food. Early 2000s popular artists like Usher and Sisqo were tuned out by the laughter and joy of everyone in attendance.


picture by Deanna Griffin


A cause for celebration

On Monday, the week began with a panel of phenomenal women entrepreneurs sharing their stories and tips, EntrepreneurHer Talk.


Tuesday, during Netflix and Chill, men and women discussed the do’s and dont’s of relationships in a packed room filled with bitter tension and laughter.


Sadly, due to the unpleasant weather brought on by Hurricane Michael, HerWellness had to be postponed.


And on the final day, everyone got to relieve all stress and celebrate the week with a girl’s night.


The chapter ended their week of events by kicking off their feminine care drive, The Dot Dilemma. Feminine hygiene products were collected at the beginning of each event throughout the week, and the drive will last for the rest of the fall semester. Donations will go to two women and children’s shelters in the Atlanta area to provide women and girls with the necessities to maintain their physical well-being.


Thanks to events chairs Dani Houston and Moya Leung, each Pink Week event was a success.


We can’t wait to see next year’s!