Celebrate Yourself with the Summer HC Survival Kit!

We're officially in the single digits in our countdown until summer! However, those dreaded finals have to be completed first. It's the last push to end spring semester with a bang and get the grades that you are aiming for, so hang in there! While you're busy getting that last minute studying in, we have just what you need to help you get through it. The Summer HC Survival Kit is here for any needed study breaks, or to help you relax when you're done with finals!

Here at Her Campus, we all love Chipotle! You won't be able to focus on an empty stomach. Take this BOGO free card to your nearest Chipotle and have lunch, or save it and bring a friend after you've taken your final. We're pretty sure Chipotle would love to celebrate with you.

If you're feeling a little tense, take a break and exercise to get your blood flowing. Use this free 30-Day Membership with Crunch Live to receive unlimited access to 70+ online workouts you could do at home or in your dorm! Release the stress of finals and also get in shape for the summer. 

In need of a little retail therapy for the summer? boohoo and Blink Tattoos has got you covered! Learn about boohoo's new #WeAreUSA campaign and enjoy a really cute poncho on those rainy days that you have a final scheduled, and bling out your outfit with Blink Tattoos! Also, if you're interested in fashion entrepreneurship, sign up for the Chloe + Isabel GEM program to receive sales, marketing, merchandising, and social media experience to help build your resume and bank account! 

As college students, especially graduating seniors, it is important to know how to manage our money and stay on a budget. Nicole Lapin's new book, RICH BITCH: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial  Life Together…Finally is a life saver, and is here to help us all get our finances in order. Along with this amazing book, you have to get Her Campus' first book, The Her Campus Guide to College LifeNow on shelves and on online, this book is the perfect guide to surviving college. Make sure both of these books are on your summer book list!


Thank you to Her Campus and all of the amazing sponsors who contributed to the summer HC Survival Kits! We can't wait to get through finals week and prepare for summer. Good luck, Collegiettes!