Become a Mermaid in One Swipe

Wearing a rainbow on your face is one of those dreams we have as innocent middle-schoolers, but after seeing this new must-have makeup item which has been sweeping the scene, that dream may turn into a bitter sweet reality for you and everyone you know. Just in time for Halloween and even for the people who believe you can never put on too much makeup, rainbow highlighters are what’s trending right now for those who are daring! The “unicorn glow” item which has been obsessed over all summer and is now being recreated by different brands and continues to get more exposure as the months pass by. This has become the new must-have item for every makeup guru who wants to try something a little different and it’s to everyone’s surprise, absolutely stunning!

The trend that started in April with a rainbow highlighter from Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty went viral in a period of that same week. The item sold out within that time span leaving thousands of girls disappointed over the loss of this new innovation, but it left larger brands with the idea to take advantage of the influence this prism palette had over the internet. Although, Bitter Lace Beauty started the movement by selling her $22 product on Etsy, Wet N Wild came back with a more affordable version of $5 that is just as shimmery, playful and wearable. Most would believe the only look you could pull off with this highlighter would be if you’re planning to be a clown for Halloween and although this highlighter has the possibility to assist many people in creating different looks with costumes, it wouldn’t be an impossible everyday look either. Forever 21, not too long after, also came out with their version of this mermaid bronzer which was also only a mere $5. 

The item has gotten so much exposure to where it has been featured in magazines such as Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. The experimentation possibilities with this item is virtually endless. The colors can be used separately and are just as exquisite when done this way, yet it can also all be blended together usually creating a more sheer gray color with a darker hint of blue. The pigmentation is also bright and beautiful where if you decide to layer it, it will just give a bolder look that you could even use as an eyeshadow if you wanted to. Most makeup sages on YouTube who have tried this product usually say it’s best to use a fan brush on this palette going in the horizontal direction of the colors. This helps to keep the colors of the product separate and easier to see when applied to your cheek bones. For those who want to shock the world, show your inner mermaid, or simply play with makeup this luminescent highlighter is definitely for you, but you better hurry because they are selling fast from every vender who has them.


Other venders who also sell this beautiful unicorn fantasy:

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  2. MISS YIFI Baked Prism Rainbow Highlighter for Face Shimmer Highlighter Eyeshadow Blusher Makeup Palette Iluminador Maquiagem, $9.36,
  3. Rainbow Highlighter, $15,
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  5. Magic Rainbow Highlighter Makeup 6 Colors Irregular Palette Bitter Lace Beauty Blush Highlighter Powder, $2,