6 Tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is finally here! Now we can throw away all of those bad health habits we tend to pick up over the semester and pick up new ones that are sure to keep you healthier this summer.

1.) Drink Water

We know your liver is drowning in chai tea lattes, venti coffees, and free Red Bulls, but you have to start back drinking water. The sun will dehydrate you for sure. Try drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water a day. Your skin, lips, and liver will appreciate it.

2.) Take Care of Your Skin

With more UV rays comes more susceptibility to sunburn. Invest in a sunscreen that will protect your skin type.

3.) Restructure Your Diet

Don’t go on a diet, just restructure it. You don’t have to give up Zaxby’s, but just be sure to make a point to add those important foods you’ve been neglecting all semester. The more you add fruits, vegetables, and vitamins to your diet, the easier it is to cut out the things you constantly feel guilty about.

4.) Go Outside

Go outside, eat lunch in Centennial Park, run around your neighborhood and get active. Try taking on a new outdoor activities this summer like hiking or biking. Just catch some sun; your skin will glow.

5.) Sleep

We know summe oundsequivalent to yo being queen of the night, but resist the urge to stay up all night every night. The days are longer in the summer, so it may seem like you have to be up all of the time, but you don’t always have to beat the sun. Remember, this is your time to get a break from studying all night and get some sleep.

6.) Get Some Me Time

It’s so easy to stress about who and where we’ll be in five years. This summer, take a break from stress and squeeze in some time everyday for you to meditate and just focus solely on your present self. Try yoga. Even beginner’s poses help destress. Drink tea and take care of yourself.