4 Girl Boss Podcasts You Shouldn't Miss Out On

While an upbeat jam and a cup of coffee is a guaranteed way to start your morning off right, dancing to the beat of the same old drum can be boring.

Instead of listening to Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” album for the 87th time, head over to the podcast section of Spotify or Apple Podcasts and listen to these entertaining, yet insightful podcasts.

1.  Gals on the Go with Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan

Podcast upload day: Every Wednesday

Rating: 10/10

If you love light-hearted conversations and the occasional chuckle, “Gals on the Go” is your go-to. Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan, both students at University of Georgia and YouTube girl bosses, created a self-made podcast that is worth the listen.



Both girls have very distinct personalities that bounce off each other in a flowing conversation that never seems to become stagnant. When listening to this boss lady pod, it feels like you are chatting with your friends at a Sunday brunch out.

I highly recommend “Gals on the Go” for fellow college students. It is packed full of young, fresh content that will make your morning commute a whole lot better.


2. Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Podcast upload day: Every Wednesday

Rating: 9/10

“Pretty Basic,” a podcast by YouTube lifestyle stars Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, is an emotional rollercoaster. When listening to this podcast, you will either end up in tears from laughing uncontrollably, or from realizing how single you are.

The best part about this podcast is the benefit Marie and Cruz’s YouTube subscribers gain from listening.



“Pretty Basic” dives deep into their adult lives, giving listeners a chance to hear about their partying, sex lives, and hilarious boy trouble stories. This is something subscribers have never heard from the girls before as they have both kept their channels very PG.

However, you might find yourself having déjà vu when listening to “Pretty Basic”. While Cruz’s weight loss journey has been life-changing for her (you go girl!) the topic seems to reoccur often. This is not a deal breaker, as Marie and Cruz have addressed during the podcast, they will be straying away from constantly talking about Cruz and focusing more time on Marie’s life.


3. Kalyn’s Coffee Talk with Kalyn Nicholson

Podcast upload day: Every Monday

Rating: 10/10

Contrary to the previous podcasts mentioned, “Kalyn’s Coffee Talk” is less of a conversational style pod, and more like your weekly therapy session.  

Kalyn Nicholson, wise and inspiring, is a breath of fresh air from the typical social media socialite. Nicholson talks listeners through current problems she is facing and applies it to a larger audience with relatable analogies and insightful phrases.


If you are looking to “like, realize stuff” “Kalyn’s Coffee Talk" is your best bet. Nicholson is like the big sister you never had– and I recommend taking her advice.

4. I Love You So Much with Kenzie Elizabeth

Podcast upload day: Every Thursday

Rating: 8/10

“I love you so much.” If you've ever watched one of Kenzie Elizabeth’s YouTube videos, you know the phrase. She loves her audience so much she decided to make a podcast about all the people in her life who she loves and idolizes.

From mentors to best friends, listeners are introduced to the people who have made Elizabeth who she is. But most importantly her greatest mentor is God, who she refers to a lot during the podcast episodes. I would not describe this podcast as religious, but I would recommend it to those who are seeking faith and interested in hearing stories from people who have.


The only thing that could be better is Elizabeth tends to record the podcast weeks in advance from its release date. Meaning, timeliness is taking a major hit. Listeners hear about important news happening in Elizabeth’s life a month later– unless you hear it first on her YouTube channel.

So, which podcast will you be listening to first? Let us know by taking a screenshot on your iTunes or Spotify, and tagging our Instagram @hercampusgsu!