3 Tips for a Great Week for Each Enneagram

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to boost your energy and better your mood. A lot of self-help guides can be vague and just not your cup of tea. Have no fear, the ultimate tip guide is here! We’re giving some unique advice to better your days based on your enneagram type. Keep reading to find out how to better your week!

And if you don’t know what an enneagram is or what your type is, you can discover it all here!

Type 1

Three pre-made meals in containers Photo by Ella Olsen from Pexels

You have some serious strengths! You’re honest, responsible and improvement-oriented. But sometimes you can be overly critical. You prefer things detail-oriented, so we have just the advice for you. If you’re looking to better your week, here are some things to add to your routine.

  1. Organize your calendar and to-do list before the week begins
  2. Meal plan or prep on Sundays
  3. Journal or meditate before picking up your phone in the morning

Type 2

Back-to-school supplies, agenda Alexa Williams

You’re empathetic, sincere and warm-hearted. You’re also friendly and super self-sacrificing, leading you to sometimes be sentimental and people-pleasing. You mean well and you’re driven to be close to others, this trait can leave you doing things for others in order to be needed.  

  1. Put you first, schedule self-care at the beginning of the week
  2. Say no to requests you don’t have time or energy for
  3. Check your to-do list on Sundays to see if you have anything you may need help with 

Type 3

Woman doing yoga with plants and candles Photo by Zen Bear Yoga from Unsplash

You’re self-assured, attractive and charming. Well hello, type 3! You’re ambitious and energetic, but you can also be status-conscious and highly driven for advancement. You’re known for your poise, but you can also be overly concerned with your image and what others may think of you.

  1. Schedule workouts for the week
  2. Devote time in the schedule for inspiration-seeking
  3. Get to bed a little bit earlier

Type 4

black record player on white bed sheets Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

You’re self-aware, sensitive and reserved. Your emotional honesty and creativity are some of the best things about you. At times, you can be moody and self-conscious. 

  1. Select a mantra for the week
  2. Make your bed when you get up
  3. Listen to inspiring music in the morning

Type 5

Person Stands on Brown Pathway Photo by Tobi from Pexels

You’re alert, insightful and curious. You’re able to concentrate and focus on developing complex ideas. You’re also super independent and innovative, but you can become preoccupied with your thoughts and imaginary constructs. This can lead you to become detached yet intense.

  1. Clean your workspace at the beginning of the week
  2. Schedule outdoor time
  3. Take time to reflect after scheduled social events

Type 6

pink mug on stacked books Photo by Ella Jardim from Unsplash

You’re reliable, hard-working and trustworthy. You see problems before they happen and create cooperation. But you can also be defensive and anxious. 

  1. Create a weekly vision board or goal list
  2. Spend intentional time with loved ones
  3. Set stuff for breakfast out the night before

Type 7

payroll clerk counting money while sitting at table Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

You are extroverted and optimistic queens. You’re versatile and spontaneous. Your playful spirit is fun yet practical. However, this can lead you to become over-extended and scatterbrained-- sometimes lacking discipline. 

  1. Start the week by planning something fun for the weekend
  2. Check your bank statements on Mondays
  3. Schedule time in your week to relax

Type 8

person writing outside in notebook Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay

You’re a dominant, protective and commanding personality. You fear losing control and being vulnerable. You have a great sense of right and wrong and you’re a great leader. You can be controlling or impulsive.

  1. Schedule nightly journaling, prayer time, or mindfulness
  2. Start your mornings slowly
  3. Spend Sunday nights relaxing and having quiet time

Type 9

a girl looking through a rack of clothing Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

You’re the peacemaker! You’re super friendly and personable. You’re easy-going and empathetic, but this can lead you to people please, be passive-aggressive or avoid confrontation.

  1. Avoid looking at work stuff on the weekend
  2. Try something new each week
  3. Put something on that makes you feel good every morning


I hope you found at least one tip to try this week. We’re wishing for good luck and brighter weeks for you in the future, no matter your enneagram type!