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How to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

As January comes to a close, fewer people make it to the gym as the Resolutions-fueled motivation wears off.  Keep it up!


Set Goals

Just saying “I will go to the gym” isn’t always concrete enough of a goal to motivate you to actually do it. Set specific goals for yourself and write it on a checklist with a timeline. Even if it’s only “Monday is leg day” and “Tuesday is ab day”, it’s better to have an accomplishable goal that is more specific than “workout”.


Bring Friends

Going to the gym by yourself can be relaxing, but sometimes a gym buddy is exactly what you need to stay motivated. Let the other know what your goals are, and push each other to accomplish your individual goals. Sometimes a simple “you can do it!” and “you’re so close!” from someone other than yourself is just the push you need to cross the finish line.

Focus Inward

It’s easy to look around at the gym and get discouraged by the people who have been much more loyal to their workout routines. Sometimes it even leads to criticizing yourself, pushing yourself to do way more than your body is ready for, or even just quitting because you feel you can never be as good as they are. Remember you are there to reach your own goals and be the best version of yourself. Super cheesy, yes, but also accurate. Don’t pay attention to anyone around you, with the exception of your gym buddy of course!

Bring Headphones

Bring your phone and headphones. It doesn’t matter if you listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks–anything other than the sounds of the gym. Not only will this help focus on yourself and ignore everyone around you, but it also may distract you and make the workout go by faster. Instead of having a staring contest with the clock, you can focus on something unrelated to how tired you may be.

Reward Yourself

Whether this means allowing yourself dessert once in awhile, or even just giving yourself a day off to lay on your bed and watch Netflix. Breaks will give you a chance to recharge and re-motivate to keep yourself going.

Work With Your Body

This one is super important. For the effectiveness of your workout, your motivation to workout, and your sanity as you progress. Telling yourself “I’m in pain but I hate my body so I need to push” is not nearly as effective as “I’ll feel energized if I finish this, just a little more”. You and your body are a team, and a good team dynamic and effort makes any project easier.

Don’t give up on your resolutions. Don’t care what anyone else thinks. Push yourself to do your best without going beyond your limits. Workouts are entirely personal, only you can determine what you can handle and what you should strive for.




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