How to be a Morning Person

For some people, waking up in the morning is the worst thing they have to do each day. Here are 5 ways to make it easier. 

  1. 1. Lay out your clothes ahead of time

    Boutique clothing

    This will help you get moving faster in the morning!

  2. 2. Turn off the electronics

    hand holding cell phone with social media apps open

    Playing on your phone or computer before bed could keep you from falling asleep at night because the blue light keeps your brain awake. To help fall asleep faster, turn off electronics an hour before you want to go to sleep.

  3. 3. Develop a bedtime routine

    black and white nightstand with lamp, tissues, mug, and charger

    Having the same routine before bed can help you fall asleep. My personal routine is to brush my teeth, read for 30 minutes and then turn off the light!

  4. 4. Set a bedtime

    girl sleeping in black and white

    This might make you feel like a child, but having a set bedtime everynight will help you wake up feeling well rested in the morning.

  5. 5. Don't set multiple alarms

    white and black alarm clock with hand on gray table

    If you're the type of person that sets 14 alarms every morning: stop. When you set multiple alarms, you learn to sleep through them and you're less likely to wake up unless abosultely possible. Train yourself to wake up at the first alarm.