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Freeman Beauty Face Masks Review

Raise your hand if you’ve had a particularly stressful day while at college.

All hands should be up.

The problem is, on a super stressful day, most of us college students do not have the time to unwind and relax; in fact, taking too much of a break would just cause more stress. Enter Freeman Beauty Face Masks as an option for a mini stress relief session.

This product comes in various types with different ingredients that have their own soothing scents (i.e. manuka honey + tea tree oil and cucumber + pink salt).

The ten minute mask is a great option for a quick breather during a hectic day, and the clay mask is a great option while sitting in your dorm room late at night finishing up some last minute readings for class. 

I, personally, felt like the masks were removing my stress as well as oils, and while that’s a lot to put on a beauty product, it was still a super relaxing experience on a day I very much needed it. 

The masks leave your skin feeling clean without making it feel dry. Some of them are aimed at specific skin types (if you want something tailored for dry/oily/pimples whatever) and some of them are for all skin types (so you and your friends can all use them together).

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a good face mask?


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