Choker Review

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Dear readers,

One of the best things about being a part of Her Campus is that you get items from the Survival Kits. These items range from cool, to useful, to interesting, to creative, to helpful, and, in this case, to fashionable.

I just needed a little extra “zing,” and I ended up wearing a silvery choker for a night out with my friends. Complements were exchanged. Apparently, the choker gave me an edgy rocker vibe. I went out to dance and have a fantabulous time with my friends, and that ended up being exactly what happened. We danced, laughed, danced some more, and had a fantastic end to the weekend night at Gettysburg College. There was good lights, good music, and good people to top of the end of a fun weekend and on to a week of endless workloads and worries.

That was how one of the two chokers from Aeropostale in this recent Survival Kit came in “clutch” for me. It helped me feel good and for one night forget all of the problems laid bare before me for the rest of the week. I looked good, I felt good; it was a great night, one I will never forget. And while a small necklace worn tight around my throat may not have been the largest contributing factor to my great night, I know that it takes a lot of small things to add up to one spectacular thing. Is it a bit odd that something like a piece of jewelry helped me have a great night? It depends on what matters to a person. One of the aspects that helps me feel good about myself is looking good. This necklace helped with that. And despite any inherent stereotypes or societal negativity surrounding me or anyone else with that attitude, that necklace was, in the end, one of those things that helped me have a great night. I know others feel the same way, or will. So next time you want to feel good and you are one of those people, like me, where clothing helps, try wearing a choker, specifically these chokers from Aeropostale.