Way T00 Funny (WTF): Georgia Southern's YouTube Sensation

Every once in a while we get to meet very talented individuals.  What's even better is when their personalities match their abilities.  If you aren’t aware of who Way T00 Funny (WTF) is, Her Campus Georgia Southern will make sure you don’t forget them.  Way T00 Funny is comprised of two very amusing individuals Dwight Bonner and Brian Hogan their work can be seen via YouTube and they are truly becoming a campus sensation.  (FYI: Don’t open their videos if you’re in class/work because you’ll get thrown out from laughing). Thankfully, Her Campus Georgia Southern had the pleasure of interviewing co-founder Dwight Bonner for an exclusive look into the duo's organization.  Her Campus Georgia Southern presents: Campus Celebrity Way T00 Funny: Beyond the Laughter...


From: Augusta, GA

Age: 22

Major: Writing Linguistics

Classification: Junior

Her Campus (HC): So, why did you choose to come to Southern?

Dwight Bonner (DB): Because my sister went here and I figured if I ever went broke I could mooch off of her.

HC: (Laugh out loud) Seriously? How much older is she than you?

DB: Yes ma'am, and two years.

HC: What impact or legacy do you want to leave on this campus before graduation?

DB: I hope by the time I leave there are more comedy/video based projects going on.  To help people who are interested more in film and comedy and have those projects as an option rather than just purely academics.

HC: What is your most memorable experience here at Southern? Why?

DB: I guess it would be performing at the PAC with Christopher “Big Chris” Pugh (a popular MAP Advisor and mentor on campus), my freshman year.  Performing at the PAC was something I will remember because it was my first time ever doing stand up and I didn't have as much confidence as I do now, not saying that it wasn't funny because it was. I was on stage with Big Chris too, who is my mentor in comedy. I've known Chris for about four years now and I can honestly say, he is an awesome role model.

HC: How did Way T00 Funny come about?

DB: I had a channel already and made videos with my friend back home that is now deceased Russell “Rujo Trill” Jones (R.I.P). One day, I heard you could make money from YouTube, (a lot of it). I talked to my roommate, Brian Hogan, about it and we thought of a name and WTF came about.

Dwight Bonner (left) and Russell "Rujo Trill" Jones (right) September 21, 1992 - May 22, 2013 R.I.P.

HC: Who thought of the name?

DB: I did, when Brian said "Let's be those guys who make videos," and I said "What the $%*&?"...WTF...Way T00 Funny.

HC: How many official members does WTF consist of? Because you guys use other people for the skits.

DB: Two, me and Brian.

Way T00 Funny Founders: Brian Hogan (left) and Dwight Bonner (right). 

HC: Do you have plans to expand it or no?

DB: Yes, if anybody showed dedication, like more than me.

HC: What are you and Brian’s roles in WTF? As far as WTF goes, I edit, write, and film.  Brian helps with the ideas and scheduling.

HC: Who influenced you to do film and comedy?

DB: I would say influences are Robin Harris, Bernie Mac, and Dave Chappelle.

HC: What do you hope to do with WTF? Is this just a college thing; or something continuous?

DB: I just hope it opens doors in the future for me.

HC: How do you come up the ideas for what you film?

DB: Just sit down and usually converse about what is funny and what is not.

HC: What is your most memorable experience with WTF?

DB: Going around campus with interview questions such as, “Signs She Wants the D” , "What is a H**?,"and “Does Size Matter?”

(The interview videos below)

HC: Are there any upcoming videos you would like the readers and fans to look out for?

DB: Look out for is the GSU Reality Show that’s being shot in the summer and to subscribe to the channel ( https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wayt00funny ).