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As a senior in college, having lived my whole life as a student practically, I find myself eager to be done with the assignments and deadlines. However, this excitement has quickly turned to impatience, a lack of motivation, and a late assignment (or three!)–making this the hardest midterm season yet. 

The decline of motivation felt by seniors in school is known as senioritis. 

While this phrase is often used as a joke, the feelings of senioritis are apparent through a common decline in academic performance during a student’s senior year. For example, seniors–both in college and high school–tend to turn in more late assignments, make lower grades, and have more tardies or absences. 

What are they going to do? NOT let me graduate?

A Burnt-Out Senior

Well, technically, if you fail a required class your last semester, you WON’T get to graduate. While your school may let you walk with your class, you will have to pass the class again–whether in the summer, online, or a later semester–in order to get your diploma or degree. 

Senior year is NOT the time to fall far behind and fail a class. Luckily, there are many ways of dealing with senioritis

Find What Motivates You

Remind yourself why you’re in school in the first place. What have you learned so far that you really appreciate? It may not be obvious at first, but you have likely discovered something new about yourself throughout your years of studies–such as a new interest, hobby, or skill. 

If you’re feeling alone, spend time with your friends. Take time to appreciate the friends you’ve made since freshman year–or the ones you’ve lost. Lean on your peers for inspiration or assistance. Other seniors are likely feeling the same way as you are–I know I am–and could use the company and help too. 

Make time for your hobbies. If you’re a creative person, paint a picture or write a poem. If you’re a gamer, plan time to get online with your favs or try a new game. If you’re an active person, take a trip to the gym or get outside for some fresh air. Discover and embrace what inspires YOU. 

The time to exhale is finally here. 

For those of you maintaining all A’s and B’s in order to keep your specific scholarships, GPAs, or academic statuses, worry no longer. You have fought the tough battles and persevered. You’re now on a clear path to winning the war–i.e. GRADUATE.

Midterms are upon us which means only a few more months until graduation; you only need to survive a little longer. Trust yourself; you made it this far. You already survived every strict professor, every essay, and every exam. 

Your final semester can be one of your toughest, but remember, you are almost done. So, take a deep breath before facing your midterms. No matter what, you have so much to be proud of. 

Congratulations, from one future graduate to another. 

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Kelly Wilcox

Georgia Southern '22

Kelly Wilcox is a senior Writing & Linguistics and Philosophy double major at Georgia Southern University. She has a passion for writing in all forms; however, her areas of focus are essay writing--articles and features, editing, and new adult fiction. When she isn’t writing, Kelly enjoys caring for her two cats, betta fish, tank snail, and ferret. She also values spending quality time with her loved ones when possible. Her dream is to write and edit content for a lifestyle, entertainment, or news-focused publication while writing romantic NA fiction during her spare time. Want to see more of Kelly? IG: @kelly_wilcox_c //Twitter: @kellywilcoxc //Gmail: kellywilcoxc@gmail.com
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