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Four Back-To-School Reminders for Undergraduate Students From a Graduating Senior 

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We are officially halfway through January, which means the spring term has begun. Sadly, yet thankfully, I am beginning my FINAL semester of undergrad at Georgia Southern University. Though I start each year with pre-semester anxiety, I found this semester to be the easiest to ease back into thanks to my previous college experiences. 

So, here are four back-to-school reminders that got me through my years—and could help you!


Your college friends can become like family, especially for those who may be miles away from their homes like me. College is the time to not only learn but form connections with some of your potential, lifelong friends. Don’t forget to make time to spend with your besties. 

You may think you just had all break for hanging out, but it is always important to be a little social and have a little fun. If I’ve learned anything as an avid Sims player, it’s that having fun and being social are basic human needs. 

Also, the beginning of the semester can be just as tough as the end of one. Your friends are there to guide, support, or simply distract you—whichever you may need. Lean on those around you for this much-needed support. If you don’t need it now, you might later. Or, maybe your friend could use the quality time.


As a student, your schedule changes from semester to semester, meaning your entire life might too. During this chaotic time of beginnings, it’s easy to over-correct by attempting to plan out or schedule every little thing. Remind yourself to be flexible.

While being organized during the semester is necessary and beneficial, especially as you begin a new semester, it’s also important to allow room for a little flexibility. Let yourself naturally adjust to the new classes or work times and homework. 

Be sure to allow flexibility for fun as well. Some of the best moments in life are those you don’t plan. 


The semester just began. It may take a few weeks to get into a routine and rhythm that works with your schedule. You may relapse into holiday break habits or *GASP* procrastinate. Allow yourself the space to make mistakes

As a human, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. As a young adult in college figuring out life, classes, and the world on your own for the first time, you’re guaranteed to make a million mistakes. Remember to forgive yourself for any mistakes before getting back on track. 


Lastly, remember that college is a life experience, and life is meant to be enjoyed. Take time to pause and “smell the roses” as they say. Enjoy the little moments—eating cup noodles, walking around campus with your friends, or even the inevitable late-night library study sessions. These are the memories you will take along with all the knowledge you gain post-graduation. So, don’t forget to have fun this semester!

Kelly Wilcox

Georgia Southern '22

Kelly Wilcox is a senior Writing & Linguistics and Philosophy double major at Georgia Southern University. She has a passion for writing in all forms; however, her areas of focus are essay writing--articles and features, editing, and new adult fiction. When she isn’t writing, Kelly enjoys caring for her two cats, betta fish, tank snail, and ferret. She also values spending quality time with her loved ones when possible. Her dream is to write and edit content for a lifestyle, entertainment, or news-focused publication while writing romantic NA fiction during her spare time. Want to see more of Kelly? IG: @kelly_wilcox_c //Twitter: @kellywilcoxc //Gmail: kellywilcoxc@gmail.com
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