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The RAC Presents Pilates For Pink: Come Show Your Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Pilates for Pink will take place Tuesday, Oct. 6, at the Campus Recreation and Intramurals in the 2 court gym. Students should come ready to move and wear pink T-shirts to show their support. There will be Kick-boxing, Zumba, Hip-Hop, and Pilates classes that will have everyone pumped for bringing awareness to breast cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Pilates for Pink will be a great way to start it off. There will be five different classes to attend this upcoming Tuesday. Zumba Party for Pink will take place from 6:00-6:25pm, Boot Camp and Pedal for Pink will take place from 6:30-6:55pm, Barre Blast for Pink and Pedal for Pink will take place from 7:00-7:25pm, and Pilates for Pink will take place from 7:30-8:00pm.

The purpose of this event is to raise awareness about the prevalence and severity of breast cancer. The program has a health fair atmosphere where participants can learn about breast cancer prevention, treatment, and campus and community resources for diagnosis, support, and treatment.

Breast cancer is an aggressive cancer and has the highest cancer death rate for women. The event will provide information tables on ways to prevent breast cancer.

Emmy Richards, the group fitness director, chose fitness to bring awareness as different types of exercising prevents breast cancer. Exercise has numerous benefits, like weight management, improved cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and can improve mental states through the release of hormones and endorphins.


This event will help the participants understand how to properly prevent breast cancer, ways on seeking early detection, and bring awareness to the effects of breast cancer.

The Campus Recreation and Intramurals encourages everyone to come out and support a great cause!


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