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Dress in the Press at Georgia Southern

This year, Student Media and the Center for Sustainability teamed up to present the 5th annual Dress in the Press competition. For those of you who have never heard of this event, it is a chance for designers and other majors- to showcase their creativity by constructing a dress out of recycled materials. It is a timed event equipped with judges, an awesome staff, and the materials you will need to design with- predominantly newspaper and magazines from Student Media. As a design major, this sounded like tons of fun so I teamed up with Kelsey Dame and Pelin Polat as the “Seam Rippers” with our model (featured right) Meaghan McClain. This is how it all went down.


Each team is presented with their own table: scissors, duct tape, and newspapers. Some teams came prepared, others just winged it, but we can all agree that things got intense. Oddly enough, the bubble-gum scented duct tape made up for the ink stains on our clothes (thanks for providing all the supplies! and food :D).  Sadly, there was little time to take pictures for a ‘before and after’ in the first half of the challenge collage. 


The theme this year was wedding dresses: Here are some shots of the models in action. 








Here’s our model Meaghan McClain- looking fierce I might add. (we got 2nd place!! :D) 


And… I’d like to give credit to these lovely ladies: My beautiful roommate Taylea Garmany (model), Connect group leader Heather Fountain, and the rest of the team: Morgan Brooks and Crystal Hawkins. 

You should also know, these photos were taken on the first run-through and are merely to feature all designs (my apologies for the blurred shots). For model names, winners, and more photos, follow #dressinthepress. Awesome designs everyone!! 

Let the judging begin!

and the winner is…

Threads! -Model: Amber Elliot. Designers: My friend Acacia Miller, Sidney Walker, and Jasmine Long. Congrats on 1st Place! 



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