5 Health and Fitness Apps to Try This Spring

So your New Year’s resolution didn’t hold? Well, it’s not too late.

1.     MyFitnessPal

From tracking your exercise and calorie intake, Under Armour’s app can serve as a food journal that works with you to meet your goals, track your progress, and meet the nutrition your body needs for free.


I started using this app not only to pay for and keep track of my accounts at my barre and pilates classes, but also to search for more workout opportunities in my area. They offer tons of last-minute offers and intro deals with their fitness, wellness, and beauty partners.

3.     WaterMinder

This app is highly accessible because you can use it both on your phone as well as their companion app for Apple Watch. Meeting your daily water goal is so important for healthy skin and having energy throughout the day, so it keeps track of how much water you’ve had so far, and how much you have left.


4.     Dot

Dot tracks when you get your period and keeps track of where you are in your cycle. It has a journal to log activity and lets you know your chance of pregnancy, cycle length, and prediction of when you’ll get your period for the next six months.

5.     Abide

Keeping your mind healthy is just as important as keeping your body healthy. Abide has daily meditations that you can customise to fit what you’re going through in life. Although Abide is Christian meditation, there are secular meditation apps that are just as beneficial to keeping your stress level down as your workload picks up throughout the semester.