An Open Letter to the Person that Feels too Much

Dear sweet human being that feels too much,

I know that your human heart can experience a multitude of emotions at any given point. You have the ability to feel the entire world’s pain because your heart is that big and sensitive. Sometimes, it feels like you’re made up of 90% feelings and 10% water. Because of your ability to feel so deeply and be in tune with your emotions, you are terrified of getting hurt. I know you’ve been hurt many times before and you’ve learned to expect the worst in every situation. It breaks my heart that the world does not try and prove you wrong often.


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And so, I’m here to remind you of how these feelings are one of your greatest strengths. Those raw and honest emotions that your heart always feels is your way of connecting to the world. It also feeds into the amount of empathy you experience for people who are hurting. Empathy is a beautiful response and I know that it comes as second nature to you. In addition to this, your ability to feel so deeply helps you connect to art and culture even more. The way that you wear your heart on your sleeve makes you such a wonderful and likeable person.

My love, there is so much pain in this world and my heart hurts for you when you have to experience it. However, when the joy comes around, I hope you see how they are like two sides of the same coin and personal seasons of your life that will fluctuate. The good times will accompany the bad and vice versa. So, go forth and feel. Know that I am thinking of you and wishing the very best for you.


Lots of love,

A person who feels too much as well