Lush Products I Tried Over Winter Break

If you're like me, you go in and out of Lush phases. I remember from an early age loving to go into the Lush store, smelling all the smells and leaving with a fask mask or a bath bomb. Recently, I’ve been trying to gradually trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce in my everyday life. One of the best way I found to do this is by using these luxury items that have no packaging or packaging made of recycled materials! Lush is known for their awesome products and their own efforts of counting down on waste. Here are a few products I tried and enjoyed!

1. Sugar Scrubs

I tried one of their Christmas sugar scrubs called “Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub." It was a naked product, meaning it had no packaging, that you rubbed on your body to exfoliate. I was able to get about 5 uses out of it and it worked and smelled amazing!

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2. Shower Bombs

We all know about Lush’s bath bombs, but recently that have released shower bombs! You just hold them under the water and use them as body wash. They smell amazing and are incredibly fun for the people who prefer showers over baths.

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3. Naked Lotion

These lotions are made without packaging as well. They are solid lotions in the shape of a pot. You just rub it on your skin and melts because of your body heat. I enjoyed this as a packageless alternative to normal body lotion!

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4. Hot Oil Hair Treatments

These hot oil hair treatments come on a stick, all you do it melt it in hot water and apply it to your hair. Each one is different and has unique benefits and they have all helped my hair in the best way possible! My two favorites are “Damaged” and “New."

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5. Mouthwash Tabs

To use mouthwash tabs, all you do is sip some water into your mouth, put a tab in and chew. Once broken down the tab turns into mouthwash. This product is great for traveling and leaves you minty fresh!


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6. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Everyone has heard about Lush’s shampoo bars, but not about their conditioner bars. My favorite combination to use is the “Honey, I Washed My Hair” shampoo bar and “Jungle” conditioner bar. It cleans my hair well and leaves it silky and shiny!

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If your new year's resolutions is to cut down on the amount of waste you produce, then treat yourself with one of these luxurious products. Good luck this semester collegiettes!

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