How to Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Breakfast

As we spend Mother’s Day this year in unprecedented times, traditional festivities may have to evolve into new forms of celebration that adhere to social distancing guidelines. Not spending this year with certain relatives nor going out is the new normal we have to face. Even though everyday is Mother’s Day, it is important to make this specific day even more special as families are faced with unprecedented pressures and obstacles. Even with something as small as breakfast, it is important to start the day off right and capture the true message of this day: to celebrate and thank all mothers.

Everyone’s typical Mother’s Day can vary greatly, with some starting breakfast off in bed while others go out and enjoy a nice brunch at a local restaurant. The suggestions throughout the article are just a few ideas as to how to make this day special at home.

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One idea is to maintain the Mother’s Day tradition of breakfast in bed. Given the craziness at grocery stores, it may be hard to acquire all of the “essential” items like eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, etc. Instead, think outside of the box and create a special meal with the materials already in your kitchen. This can be something as simple as cereal or even something a little fancier as trying out the new TikTok whipped coffee trend. Don’t get me wrong, the food is an important aspect but the thought behind the execution is even more sentimental. Providing a beautifully decorated tray with a placemat, a heartwarming handwritten note, some flowers picked from the backyard, or even a funky folded napkin can truly exhibit the care and effort behind the message. 

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If the weather is nice and you have outdoor seating, you can even bring breakfast outside to enjoy the scenic views. With some nice ambient music, it can be an extremely relaxing breakfast where you and your family can really enjoy the meal and take in some quality family time outside.

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If your family is not into the cooking scene or you are in desperate need of going to the grocery store, you can even look into local businesses that are offering Mother’s Day brunch specials. You can still have the feeling of “going out” in the comfort of your own home through carryout or delivery options. This is a great way to take the pressure off of your cooking skills and enjoy a special treat all while supporting local businesses. Even if you do order in, you can still put the same effort behind the display with simple yet pretty decorations. 

While you enjoy breakfast in your own home, the feeling of missing some other key Mother’s Day figures may be a hard reality to face on this day. However, setting up a Zoom breakfast is a great way to connect everyone. This way, you are still enjoying a meal with your loved ones while ensuring everyone is safe in their own homes.

The important thing to remember about this day is that it may not be what you are used to and it may not be the Mother’s Day you or your family imagined; however, it is the time you spend showing appreciation and love that really matters.