6 Breakfast Recipes to Brighten up Your Mornings

I have to say, the extra time that most of us have now might be one of the silver linings to living though a global pandemic. I’ve been spending a large amount of this time in the kitchen and I have to say I’m not mad at the results at all. Breakfast has become a whole event in my household, and if you happen to try any of these recipes, you’ll see exactly why.

  1. 1. Banana Pancake

    Blueberry Pancakes

    The perfect way to use up bananas that aren’t ripe enough for banana bread but still too ripe to eat- mash them and toss them into some pancake mix!

  2. 2. The full spread ™

    Hotel breakfast room service

    You’ve probably had some version of this at your favourite brunch spot, but I doubt it had a name as catchy and inviting as this! There are a lot of different ways to modify it but at its core, it is a savoury-breakfast-lover’s dream: eggs, hashbrowns, sausages/bacon and buttered toast.

  3. 3. Smoothie bowl

    hawaii acai bowl smoothie food yummy fruit colorful

    This satisfying meal might be the closest thing you’ll get to ice-cream for breakfast (if your blended can manage it).

  4. 4. Savoury French toast

    Toast Scrambler

    Truth be told, I only made this when I got bored of eating The full spread ™ . It has quickly become a staple though. Pieces of bread are dipped in an egg and milk mixture, topped lightly with shredded cheese, then fried on medium heat till they turn golden brown. *chefs kiss*

  5. 5. Sweet French toast

    French Toast

    The classic version we all know and love. Drizzle on some syrup or honey and cut up some fresh fruit to make it even more decadent.

  6. 6. Chicken and waffles

    The Lalaguy Hands On Breakfast Date Waffles And Hashbrowns

    This is the most time-consuming recipe on this list, but also the most fulfilling; sweet and salty is a combination that you can never go wrong with. If you don’t have a waffle-maker, buy premade waffles; this will speed up the cooking process.