How Becoming a Woman of AKA Changed Me

When I came to college, I had a plan. I was going to be the first to graduate in my family and become some fancy doctor, be the president of every student organization on campus and have a lot of friends. However, that “college” dream really wasn’t my reality once I got here. But one thing for sure that didn’t change in my plan was becoming a member of the first Black Greek sorority: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

Since I was nine years old, I was fascinated with women of AKA. From famous role models, to generations of cousins and aunts who were members of this sorority, I knew pink and green was the only way for me.

When I got to Mason, I thought I knew everything about Greek life. I knew what some of the Divine 9/National Pan-hellenic Council organizations were, but I knew nothing about the Multicultural Greek Council, the Panhellenic Council or Interfraternity Council. I was amazed by all the Greek letter organizations Mason had to offer, but still I knew my heart was only settling for AKA.

Fast-forward to this semester, the second semester of my sophomore year, the official Rush flyer was posted. I was in a panic. I literally spent the whole day on edge as I ran to the registrar’s office to get all the required documents needed to apply. I even called almost every family member or family friend in the sorority that day to get insight on what I needed to do. I was determined to make line this semester.

I knew I had what it took to join: the GPA, the community service hours the, leadership experience, the recommendations; but still, the fact of the Rush actually happening haunted me. I’m the type of person that always think about the “What if…” in a situation, so I drove myself crazy for about a month thinking what would I do if I didn’t get the opportunity.

When the Rush occurred, I thought I was going to throw up that morning. The thought of the number of girls who were interested here on this campus scared the hell out of me as well. What if there were others who were better than me and had better credentials? Of course, the thought of them getting the opportunity over me was definitely there. I think I prayed about 10 times that one morning.

But in the end I got my opportunity. I remember the very moment I found out. My heart was racing and I burst into tears thanking God. This had been my dream since I was nine years old and finally it had come true.  

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Looking back now, I laugh at how worried and insecure I was about myself during my process of becoming a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha. I constantly stressed myself out and thought I wasn’t good enough, when all along I was more than that.

Since I’ve become an official member, I can say that my confidence has really taken a boost. I have gained 23 amazing sisters and number of fantastic prophytes and sorors who have my back for a lifetime. They have taught me to love myself and love others. But most importantly, they have instilled the value of being “a service to all mankind” in my heart forever. Courtesy of the author

I am stronger than ever. I do more things that are out of my comfort zone and I also laugh a whole lot more. I am genuinely more confident in myself than I have ever been which till this day scares me because I never thought I would get to this place now.

I don’t think any other organization whether it was Panhellenic or another NPHC organization would have been the more perfect match. I have grown as a person and I can’t wait to continue this growth as member of the BEST sorority there is: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

I am new woman, and better yet, a woman of AKA.

Courtesy of author