Alexa Carlin: Girl Boss & Inspirational Speaker

Courtesy of Alexa Carlin

It all started when Alexa Carlin went back to school shopping at the age of 17. She saw a shirt with the continent of Africa in the shape of a peace sign, and checked the tag for more information. Once she saw that they donated 25% of the proceeds to charity, she immediately felt called to contribute her creative skills to the cause. But how?

Carlin wrote a letter to the founder of OmniPeace, a major fashion company based in L.A., asking if she could create jewelry for them to sell. After four months of waiting, they accepted her request and she immediately got to work, designing four different bracelet designs for OmniPeace to sell.Via The Alligator

Eventually, Carlin created a blog called Hello Perfect, a positivity site, where she empowered women to love themselves and who they are. However, Carlin “noticed a big disconnect… all of these women were doing great things, but none of them knew each other.”

She realized she wanted to create an event where women could meet each other, connect, and empower one another, so she founded the Women Empower Expo (WEX), which is now the largest event for female entrepreneurs on the East Coast.

With WEX, Carlin is able to reach entrepreneurial women and share her story of empowerment, her near-death experience, and staying authentic in a world full of noise.

Her biggest piece of advice?

“Consistency = success.” Carlin said she spent a long time trying to write blog posts, make YouTube videos, and more, when she should have focused 100% of her efforts on one idea. She believes that if you find one thing you are extremely passionate about and invest all your time on it, you’ll be more successful.

Carlin’s “mission, and… [her] PURPOSE [is] to make a difference in at least one person’s life every single day.” With the impact that her public speaking has on others, it’s no doubt that Carlin achieves that mission every day. In her free time, Carlin loves posting on her Instagram, hanging out with her toy poodle, and working out.

Get your tickets to the Women Empower Expo on May 26 in Washington D.C., so you can meet Alexa herself or hear the keynote speaker, Cleo Wade, speak: of Alexa Carlin